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Why Everyone Needs an ‘Incapacity Plan’

Medical Technology - AZ Business Magazine January/February 2012

Dementia has become the No. 1 cause of disability globally, according to the World Health Organization. Stroke, which can also profoundly impair judgment and decision-making, stands at No. 2. “This year, 7.7 million new cases of dementia will be diagnosed, and 15 million people will suffer a stroke,” says CPA Jim Kohles, chairman of RINA… Read More →

Arizona needs clear message to capitalize on energy

energy supply - AZ Business Magazine May/June 2012

States with the most successful industry clusters have a common characteristic — unwavering support from government, industry and the public. The oil and gas industry in Texas was built with support for the industry from all levels. Such support is not garnered unless the industry has a common voice in articulating its needs. To some… Read More →

Habitat for Humanity is built by volunteers

Reviving the Construction Industry

There are many good people in Arizona. Several weeks ago, a group of them stood in searing summer heat celebrating the completion of another Habitat for Humanity home-renovation project for a deserving family. We are often asked how we’re able to build or renovate homes during Arizona’s oppressive summer months and despite the economic challenges. … Read More →

The Myth Of The Shark Tank

July 22, 2013 by in Columnist Spotlight

Television makes it look like VC firms and Angel investors are lining up to take your great idea and give you all the money you need to get your restaurant or other venture off the ground. The truth is, only about two percent of small businesses have what equity investors are looking for—and unless you’re… Read More →

How to create Optimal Summer Skin

Makucell Skincare

Surviving a scorching Arizona summer means mastering the art of keeping cool. For some, that entails lathering on the SPF and flocking to the backyard or community swimming pool, while others beat the heat with a crank of the thermostat, relishing the air-conditioned indoors. Whether or not you’ve suffered from dry, cracked skin or that… Read More →

Taking the accounting department mobile


According to a 2013 survey, 66 percent of finance executives use mobile applications to approve bills and collect payments on some level. Accounting professionals have been chained to their desktops for decades, but the increasing popularity of the cloud has allowed businesses to access critical information any time they have access to Wi-Fi. The… Read More →

Preparation for Loan Approval

bank loan

While small business owners appear to have a good grip on managing their companies, they are often unsure about what to do to properly prepare for loan approval.. According to the Small Business Association Lending Index report, big banks approved 15.1 percent of small business loans in February 2012. While we are seeing a slight… Read More →

Time to vote yes on immigration bill

Hamer - June 2011-fornewsletter
June 24, 2013 by in Columnist Spotlight

If you were worried that the Gang of Eight’s immigration overhaul efforts didn’t sufficiently address border security, then then amendment filed by Sens. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and John Hoeven (R-ND) should put any fears to rest. Sen. Hoeven last week said his amendment language is “almost overkill.” It’s not almost overkill, it is overkill. But… Read More →

Will Your Beneficiaries Beat the Odds?

value of money

Two-thirds of baby boomers will inherit a total $7.6 trillion in their lifetimes, according to the Boston College Center for Retirement Research — that’s $1.7 trillion more than China’s 2012 GDP. But they’ll lose 70 percent of that legacy, and not because of taxes. By the end of their children’s lives — the third generation… Read More →

How Culture Trumps Policy, impacts Workplace Violence


“The nail that sticks out gets hammered down” is an old Japanese saying that took hold in our post World War II corporate America culture. This phrase encourages an unspoken rule of conformity combined with an authoritarian hierarchical structure. Today it is important for business leaders to consider the impact this has in American workplaces.… Read More →

Housing, how should we look at it going forward?


During the last two years the country has experienced an upward shift in the housing market. How does this affect home owners today? For years, home owners have typically viewed real estate as one of their largest assets. However, we’ve learned during the last housing bubble, it can also be our largest liability. The housing… Read More →

Should The Legal Blood Alcohol Content Be .05?

Traffic Congestion, Ways to Reduce in Phoenix, AZ
June 11, 2013 by in Columnist Spotlight | Legal

Earlier this month, the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) recommended that all 50 States adopt a cutoff of .05 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) as the maximum percentage of blood alcohol that a person could have in their system and legally drive. Although spurned by good intentions, this lower figure is both unattainable and will likely… Read More →

The ROI of Social Media

social media marketing

I was never a fan of the cocktail party-variety networking scene. I will never be one to dart around a room shoving business cards into people’s hands. I prefer meaningful conversations with people, getting to know them and vice versa. But social media networking? That’s something different altogether. Done right, it’s never a hit-and-run. Rather,… Read More →

What Happens if you Lose a Laptop with Patient Information?

Eric Marcus, CEO of Marcus Networking.

The government is starting to implement the HIPAA-HITECH Encryption Requirements 2012. If you choose not to encrypt data, the HIPAA Security Rule states you must implement an equivalent solution to meet the regulatory requirement. The law leaves encryption open to interpretation since covered entities vary when it comes to network and network usage, depending on… Read More →

How can you turn a PR crisis into success

Marketing action plan

The old saying, “No PR is bad PR,” has been put to the test the past few weeks with the PR circus surrounding Amy’s Baking Company. The Scottsdale restaurant generated local and national press after the restaurant and its owners were featured on Gordon Ramsay’s reality show, Kitchen Nightmares. Ramsay found the problems with the… Read More →

Social Media: Great Resource for Small Business

Are you taking advantage of social media in your small business? According to a recent report by the Social Media Examiner, you probably should. 89 percent of the respondents said social media was providing them greater exposure and 75 percent claimed it was increasing traffic. Although only 43 percent suggested that social media increased sales,… Read More →

Arizona Business Community Supports HB2111

The undersigned organizations and businesses want to express their strong support for the passage of HB2111 with the floor amendment that will be offered by Senator Steve Yarbrough. This final amendment represents major concessions to address concerns that have been expressed by the city representatives. This final amendment reflects the cities’ request for a separate… Read More →

What Will Really Make You Happy?

excessive heat warnings

The idea of a happy and meaningful life has become unnecessarily complicated in some circles, says author and certified positive psychology coach Lynda Wallace, who left a high-powered executive career with Johnson & Johnson to pursue her real passion – helping individuals and groups achieve greater happiness and success. “Happiness has been appropriately cited as… Read More →

Sales up, income down

Reading the latest business news, you might be surprised to find articles highlighting large corporations with increasing sales and decreasing income. This prompts the question, how is it possible for a company to sell more but make less? Business managers often assume if the company can increase its sales, it will have an increase in… Read More →

Phoenix Public Market boosts micro-businesses

Klocke Dan dpp 6-14-05

Micro businesses may be small, but they pack a big punch. Though defined as businesses with less than five employees, reports that micro firms “represent a staggering 99.7percent of all the employer firms in the country.”  That means more than half of all private-sector employees work for micro firms which pay “44 percent of… Read More →

Do we have a clue of what financial stability is?


It’s been nearly 5 years since we experienced the “Great Recession” and still we struggle to find the answers to stabilize the markets.  Since the recession we have experienced stricter bank regulations, continued government spending, high unemployment, struggling homeowners, and consumer confidence is still low. The crisis was tragic and because of its severity we… Read More →

Visa reform needed to move country forward

April 30, 2013 by in Columnist Spotlight

And so it begins. After six years since the last substantive debates over immigration reform, the Senate Judiciary Committee last week began hearings on the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act, the title of the legislation borne out of the months-long work of the bipartisan Gang of Eight, which includes Arizona Sens. John… Read More →

How to improve your collections efforts

Get more cash

Collections may not be every business owner’s favorite task however, maintaining an effective collection strategy is essential to running a successful business. Traditionally, collection departments focus on the clients with the most dated debt, as opposed to the clients with newly formed debt. This strategy may seem logical, but resourceful collection companies and departments should… Read More →

Secrets to a successful client-agency partnership

Marketing action plan

Unlike the scenes we all love in Mad Men where account execs spend  the day wining and dining clients and brainstorm sessions are always accompanied by cocktails, enlisting the expertise of an agency is serious business. And like any partnership, the better the communication, the more successful the relationship and the results. When a company… Read More →