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Which Smartphone Is Right For You?

the majority own phones with Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile operating systems

Smartphones are becoming more and more a part of everyday life.  As of October 2010 data from the Nielsen Company shows that 29.7 per cent of U.S. mobile phone users have smartphones with full operating systems.  Of those, the majority own phones with Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile operating systems.  However, as the… Read More →

Regifting This Holiday Season

Regifting this holiday season

Ever get gift that’s too nice just to toss in the trash, but not something you would ever use? Most people have, that’s why regifting is so popular. This holiday season be prepared to receive plenty of regift-worthy gifts. AZNow.Biz created an infographic to let you know that you’re not alone when you regift that… Read More →

Infographic: Texting Trends

Texting Infographic trends and averages for texting
November 13, 2010 by in Infographics | Tech

Now that unlimited messaging plans have become common, texting has become the communication medium of choice. The following infographic illustrates the trends and averages for texting in the United States and around the world. Source: @shanesnow for Mashable View Other Infographics

Infographic: Arizonans Voting History

Arizonans Voting History
October 23, 2010 by in Infographics | Politics

The mid-term elections take place on Nov. 2. As the following charts show, Arizona residents tend to vote in larger numbers during presidential election years than in mid-term elections. Will the story be the same in 2010?

Infographic: State of the Internet

October 7, 2010 by in Infographics | Tech

Who uses the Internet more, men or women? What age groups are connected? How much do they earn? Check out this infographic to find the answers.

Employment Statistics

close up of arizona employment graph
September 23, 2010 by in Economy | Infographics

Statistics on employment in Arizona. To embed this image on your site at 547 pixels wide <p align=”center”><a href=”” mce_href=””><img src=”” mce_src=”” alt=”” width=”547″ height=”2100″ border=”0″ title=”Employment Infographic” /></a></p> <p align=”center”>Infographic source: <a href=”” mce_href=”” target=”_blank”>AZNow.Biz</a><br class=”spacer_” /> </p> <p>

Solving The Nursing Shortage

Nurses in a line
September 22, 2010 by in Healthcare | Infographics

Although there are 2.6 million registered nurses in the United States, by 2020 America will enter a nursing shortfall of more than 1 million nurses.  Growing population and cuts to nursing schools are two main reasons for the shortfall. However, this infographic from offers solutions to the nursing shortage, along with statistics about the… Read More →

Physical Activity Is Up, Smoking Is Down In Arizona

September 16, 2010 by in Healthcare | Infographics

What a difference a few years makes in the health of Arizonans.  The amount of moderate and vigorous activity Arizonans participate in rose from 2001 to 2007.  The amount that Arizonans smoke decreased from 2001 to 2008.  All numbers about smokers decreased, except the number of former smokers, which rose.  Finally, the average amount of… Read More →

Infographic: Arizona Transportation Statistics

August 9, 2010 by in Featured | Green | Infographics

Statistics on the modes of transportation Arizonans use to get to work.

Infographic: Arizona Visitor Spending

Animated Compass on a map
August 5, 2010 by in Featured | Infographics | Travel

What out-of-state tourists are spending on when they visit the Grand Canyon State. Source: Dean Runyon Associates/Arizona Office of Tourism

Infographic: Who’s Volunteering In Arizona

Animated house
August 1, 2010 by in Featured | Infographics

Despite the economic downturn, Arizonans continue to volunteer. Here’s a look at who’s volunteering based on education, gender and ethnicity. Source: Morrison Institute