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10 Top National Geographic Photos

Earth, National Geographic
December 4, 2011 by in Lists | Snapshot | Travel

National Geographic: “Inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888.” For me, it has been an inspiration since 1992, the year I came to exist on the planet. My parents have had a subscription to National Geographic ever since I can remember, and my attic now acts as an archive for past Nat Geo… Read More →

Brandon’s Best List: The Best Valley Food

Brandon's Best List: Best Valley Food
November 27, 2011 by in Dining | Lists

Brandon’s Best List: The Best Valley Food 1. BEST Greek Food /Gyro Sandwich: Gyros Express / Gyros Restaurant Price: $ What to order: Gyro Sandwich with extra creamy homemade tzatziki sauce Compliment your sandwich with a basket of freshly made crispy french fries. 7132 E Becker Ln Scottsdale, AZ 85254 (480) 483-0300 In a bit… Read More →

Phoenix Museums: History, Culture And More

Phoenix Museums
November 20, 2011 by in Lists

Interested in the history of Phoenix or the culture surrounding it? Or are you just looking for a good, educational and interesting time? Check out one of many Phoenix museums, focusing on everything from art and music, to science and history. With so many from which to choose, here are five well-known museums located throughout… Read More →

5 Weird Arizona Attractions You Have To See

Arizona Centennial, Mystery Castle
November 13, 2011 by in Lists

Over the course of the past 100 years, inhabitants of Arizona have left their marks on the surface of the Arizona landscape for better, worse or just plain weird. Here are some Arizona attractions worth visiting at least once: The Mystery Castle on South Mountain This Phoenix Point of Pride was built on the base of South… Read More →

iPhone Business Apps: How To Work From Anywhere

iPhone Business Apps
October 30, 2011 by in Lists | Mobile | Tech

Have you ever looked at your iPhone and thought it would be great if it could help you out at work? If you have, you might like some of these iPhone business apps. There’s many more than just these five, of course, for a very wide variety of possible uses and tasks (the catchphrase “there’s… Read More →

Used Bookstores: When Barnes & Noble Isn’t Enough

Used Bookstores
October 23, 2011 by in Lists

There are plenty of fine bookstores throughout the Valley and Arizona, but what if you’re looking for an older or more obscure book? Where can you look if stores like Barnes & Noble doesn’t have what you want? You could certainly shop online … or even better, you can help support Arizona by shopping at… Read More →

AVEDA Concept Salons

AVEDA Concept Salons
October 16, 2011 by in Executive Lifestyle | Lists

Everyone needs a little rub down every once in a while, but if you don’t have the time or the money to make it to one of Arizona’s world-renowned spas, there are still plenty of places in the East Valley that won’t leave your bank account sore — including AVEDA Concept Salons. AVEDA, a beauty… Read More →

Centennial Series: Top 10 Arizona Legal Cases

Top Arizona Legal Cases - AZ Business Magazine September/October 2011

ASU law professor and dean emeritus names top Arizona legal cases Arizona has grown in the past 100 years from a territory formerly part of the wild, wild West to a state with a rich history of legal cases affecting either local residents or residents along with the rest of the nation. Based on my… Read More →

Staying Innovative When You’re A One Man Operation

Staying Innovative as a One Man Operation
October 2, 2011 by in Lists | Small Biz

How to Stay Innovative When You’re A One Man Operation With the economy down and unemployment numbers high, many have chosen to take the opportunity to start their own business as a one man operation. This is an exciting step, but it comes with some challenges. How do you motivate yourself daily to work from… Read More →

Productivity Tips While Working From Home

Home Office Productivity Tips
September 25, 2011 by in Education | Lists | Workforce

Productivity Tips While Working From Your Home-Based Business: According to Census data, in 2008 almost six million people called their home their primary place of work. And this number has continued to grow. In fact, more companies are using telecommuting as an incentive. Many large firms, such as IBM and Boeing, have even reported seeing… Read More →

Comic Book Stores: Where To Go Post-Atomic Comics

Comic Book Stores List
September 18, 2011 by in Lists

If reading comic books is your idea of a good time, then you’ve probably already heard about the sudden closing of Atomic Comics. If, like me, you were one of the many people who liked any of the four stores in the Valley bearing that name, and especially if Atomic Comics was the comic shop… Read More →

10 Great Customer Service Success Stories And Tips

10 Great Customer Service Success Stories - AZ Business Magazine September/October 2011

Troy Hazard, author of the best-selling book “Future-Proofing Your Business”, offers these 10 tips for great customer service: 1. THE ANGRY CUSTOMER: In an argumentative situation, think of how you would feel in your customer’s shoes. Take time to consider his or her personality and position. The faster you start talking in your customer’s language,… Read More →

10 Sound Tips to Improve Your Home Theater

Improve your home theatre
September 4, 2011 by in Blogs | Executive Lifestyle | Lists | Tech

You don’t need to buy new equipment to improve your existing home theater. Often, the television and other audio/video equipment you already have are not being used to their maximum potential. Here’s a list of 10 easy tips to help you make the most of your existing system. 1) Check the settings on your receiver: Many… Read More →

10 Top Arizona Landmarks And Sights

centennial top10
September 1, 2011 by in Around Arizona | Lists | Travel

10 Top Arizona Landmarks And Sights Despite the typical images of a colorless and dry land that the word “desert” brings up in our minds, Arizona has a lot more to offer than varying shades of brown. Arizona landscapes and sights are unique and often breathtaking. They show the long, rich history of Arizona before… Read More →