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Pink Jeep Tours invests in the health of Arizona’s forests

Pink Jeep Tours, Grand Canyon

Pink Jeep Tours has announced a partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) that will help protect the Oak Creek and Verde River watersheds by funding restoration projects on the Coconino National Forest. Through the partnership, Pink Jeep Tours will collect donations from its customers for the Northern Arizona Forest Fund, a program developed by… Read More →

Entrepreneurs go from poker to peonies

Three guys turned poker winning into a budding startup that is redefining the flower industry and it is coming to Phoenix. David Daneshgar, who won an event at the 2008 World Series of Poker, turned a $1,000 buy-in at a poker tournament into the source of initial funding for BloomNation. This Santa Monica startup, often… Read More →

Are Solar Water Heaters Worth it in Arizona?

Solar water heaters are a great way to save money on energy costs. Your water heater is probably one of the biggest energy consumers in the house because it has to keep the water temperature up at all times, even when you aren’t using it. Using a solar water heater can dramatically reduce your costs,… Read More →

How to Choose the Right Hot Water System for Home

Fresh Water is Becoming Scarcer with the Planet's Changing Climate

Choosing the right hot water system for your home is no easy task. Hence, it’s a buying decision you don’t want to make at the last minute. You have to consider lots of factors such as the number of people in the house, area of installation, fuel or energy source, your budget, energy efficiency rating… Read More →

How to make nut milks

Many people today have started to stray away from dairy products. Instead they are choosing alternatives such as almond and even hazelnut milks. Unfortunately, even some of those items still contain preservatives. They may also contain carrageenan, an ingredient which studies have correlated to increasing risks of glucose intolerance, stomach ulcerations, and some cancers. There’s… Read More →

Don’t Eat Dead Food – “Peak Up” Your Meals Through Raphaology

Not all food is considered equal. Let me explain. I consider many foods today “dead food,” because they have been genetically modified or grown in depleted soil and no longer contain the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy. Some foods can actually deplete your body of nutrients. They can cause the body to pull… Read More →

How Green Does Your Garden Grow? Tips to sow.

Going green is an important trend spreading across Arizona, the nation and the world. But how can you make gardening more green? Easy. Here are three areas to help your garden — and the environment — thrive. Natural pesticides: Pesticides are a controversial treatment because of their potential effect on the environment and your health.… Read More →

Apartments on Thomas Win Top Design Award From American Society of Interior Designers

Deco Communities’ Cabana on Thomas project has won the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Arizona North Chapter’s prestigious Adaptive Use award, a top design industry award honoring excellence in interior design. Cabana on Thomas is one of Deco Communities’ apartment renovation projects in which infill buildings are revamped and given a new vibrant life.… Read More →

10 Tips for the Home Before Going on Vacation

Planning extended summer vacations can often be stressful because of all the preparations and limited time to get it all done. For homeowners this can be even more nerve wracking because they have the added responsibility of making sure the home is left secure so there’s little need to worry while being away. Doing so… Read More →

Eco-Friendly Products to Make Your Home Green

While making a plan to purchase environmentally safe, sustainable and “green” products to create an eco-friendly home may seem like an expensive or difficult task, design innovation and technology has made it much easier. Whether you are looking to clean up dust from the floors without using a ton of electricity, save on water usage… Read More →

Home, Green, Home

An environmentally-friendly remodel is a life-changing undertaking, both for your personal health and the health of your home. It involves a thorough assessment of toxic emissions from both inside and outside of the home and what can be done to lessen the home’s carbon footprint and any effects it has on the health of its… Read More →

A Whole World of Water: the Facts

Republished with permission from JT SPAS A Whole World of Water: the Facts was last modified: July 11th, 2013 by Eric Shepperd

5 Easy Homemade Cleaning Products to Try

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Observed on April 22 each year, Earth Day demonstrates support for environmental protection, evident in events celebrated in more than 192 countries in the world. Being green and energy sufficient and producing less waste are solutions each person can adopt to protect the environment. In that spirit, homemade cleaning products are perfect, as they are… Read More →


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With the cold weather behind us, many of us are looking forward to the warm temperatures that accompany the late spring and summer months. Spending more time outdoors and joining friends at neighborhood barbeques are on the top of everyone’s lists, but one thing that is not welcomed is the higher energy costs that it… Read More →