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Scottsdale’s Studio B Smiles adds Colleen Murphy

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Cosmetic dental office, Studio B Smiles, in Scottsdale announces Dr. Colleen Murphy as the office’s second dentist. Dr. Murphy will work alongside Dr. John Badolato, founder of Studio B Smiles, to offer patients high quality dental care. Dr. Badolato is the official team dentist for the Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, Phoenix Suns Dancers, Grand Canyon… Read More →

Are You Fueling or Poisoning Your Body?

In today’s culture of skinny jeans and pencil skirts, the choice of diet meals and drinks can appear to be an alluring solution to achieving body image expectation. Snacks, drinks, and meals line grocery store shelves labeled as “sugar-free” and “low calorie.” Sounds like a simple choice, right?  After all, processed sugar isn’t recommended by… Read More →

Medical Practice Announces New Scottsdale Location

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Southwestern Eye Center announced the opening of their new Scottsdale Office. The move allows the physicians to provide greater patient access and services to those in the Scottsdale area, whether or not they have insurance. “We appreciate the support from our patients, here in the Scottsdale area, that have been with us for many years,… Read More →

Detox from Your Day

Wellness looks different for every woman, whether you come alive on a jeep excursion or in a craft store, whether you have six children to take care of, or six co-workers to keep happy.  When it all boils down, there are a thousand to-do’s and a million expectations.  It is critical that we allow ourselves… Read More →

Organization, Your Way – Quick Tips for the Scatterbrained

I’m like every one of you. I’m organized, but then I’m not. I’ve got 50+ pairs of shoes (I also have weaknesses, apparently) and I don’t know where to put them (weaknesses, too). I have a skinny closet and I’m not sure if my hangers are too fat (delusional, I must also be) or if… Read More →

For Protein’s Sake: To eat, or not to eat, protein is the question…

There is a lot of misconception and confusion out there about protein. Is it good? Is it bad? Is there such thing as too much protein? Will it make me fat? Fear no more, as personal trainer Daren Parks from Orangetheory Fitness separates fact from fiction when it comes to protein. Q:  I am trying… Read More →

The Dangers of Inhalants

Parents worry about their teenagers experimenting with drugs on the street or at school, but many  never stop to consider their teen may be getting high from products found in their own home. The facts: •    Younger teenagers are finding that household products can provide a cheap high. •    Inhalants are popular among the 8th… Read More →

Scottsdale Healthcare Partners With 12-Year-Old Grace Sinclair to Provide Comfort for Patients

After seeing 12-year old Grace Sinclair’s handmade knit hats she donated to them, Scottsdale Healthcare wanted to ensure that she would keep bringing more. They offered to provide the Glendale resident with the yarn she needed if she would continue knitting and bringing her colorful hats to give to the children at the hospital. Grace… Read More →

Kale: a Superpower

Think kale is just a trendy foodie food? Let’s be honest. Kale has always been a farmer food, packed with energy-providing nutrients and detoxifying properties, but has just recently become an extreme frenzy in the health and diet world. However, in addition to simply being a healthy part of your diet, kale has numerous health… Read More →

Anti-Aging Foods: A List

The U.S. market for anti-aging products – estimated at about $80 billion – is expected to climb to more than $114 billion by 2015. But perhaps mid-lifers who have that “forever young” mindset should save their money. Experts say you can eat your way to a younger, healthier you. In general, you should replace fattening… Read More →

Sexual Health Experts Offers Workshops on Intimacy, Wellness, Libido

Sexual Health Experts (SHE), the only clinic of its kind in Arizona, will offer workshops over the next six months exploring sexuality, desire and sexual health wellness. Workshops are open to the public and all are invited. The workshop schedule opens with “Getting Intimate with Intimacy: Reviving Your Relationship through Touch, Communication and Connection” Saturday,… Read More →

Fix the Twitch!

That blasted eye twitch! It’s irritating, it always happens at an awkward time and it feels like everyone can see it. We all get them, but we do know how they originate? Dr. Lisa Sherlock, an Optometrist with Southwestern Eye Center, gives us details on that annoying, natural tick and what causes it (and how… Read More →

What We Often Neglect in Healthy Eating: Drinks

Why is it that we don’t think too much about what we’re drinking? We can have granola for breakfast, salad for lunch and a veggie burger for dinner but what about what we’re drinking? If you’re supplementing all of those meals with soda, juice cocktails or booze, you’re doing your body a serious disservice. Maybe… Read More →

Your Kids and Synthetic Drugs: Things Parents Need to Know

As our kids gear up for a summer of fun ahead, parents need to be aware of the synthetic drugs available to kids. Some of the most common right now include N-bomb, bath salts and spice, which are street names for substances like synthetic marijuana, psychoactive plants, harmful powders and synthetic hallucinogens similar to LSD.… Read More →