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How to Cope with Depression from Disease


Sometimes, not knowing the truth about something of immediate importance can create some of the most intense stress, says former chronic pain sufferer Janet Komanchuk. “The families of victims who’ve been missing for years or decades – identifying the body of their loved one, for example, can bring closure. For me, being diagnosed with fibromyalgia… Read More →

Fireworks safety tips from Abrazo Health


While fireworks are beautiful to watch, they are dangerous to play with, Abrazo Health medical professionals warn. If not handled properly, fireworks can cause severe injuries to eyes and skin. Even just watching a friend light fireworks can put you at risk. Play it safe, allowing for everyone to enjoy the holiday, said Kevin Haselhorst,… Read More →

The Germiest Places and how to Protect Yourself


The professional cleaning industry generally focuses on specific surfaces that can harbor germs and contaminants-as well as how to eradicate these unwanted guests. But according to Dr. E. Neil Schachter, a professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, there are also specific places that tend to harbor more germs and… Read More →

Grill Your Way Lean


Grilling is the most popular pastime of summer. While outdoor cookouts are a great opportunity to relax and visit with friends and family, did you know that the average barbecue meal exceeds 1500 calories? That’s almost an entire day’s worth of calories in one meal. That type of eating will do some serious damage to… Read More →

Boost heart health with stress management

Heart Health, WEB

By Dr. Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk In today’s fast-paced world, stress is somewhat unavoidable. While we know that excessive stress isn’t good for us, just how bad is stress for our overall health? Stress can cause minor symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and stomach pain, but when left unchecked, stress can take a major toll on our… Read More →

Don’t be at a loss when it comes to hearing loss


Each year like clockwork we visit our eye doctors, dentists and optometrists to protect our vision, teeth and eyes. But what about our hearing health? As a rule, everyone should get their hearing checked every year. And, as the number of people with hearing loss increases, never before has this been more important to remember.… Read More →

Myths and untruths surrounding Fibromyalgia


One in 50 Americans are estimated to have fibromyalgia, a common chronic illness that causes widespread pain and stiffness that is intermittent and migrates throughout the body. While little is known about the cause, patients diagnosed with the disease are faced with myths and untruths that result in improper care and a misunderstanding of how… Read More →

Tips for sunburn prevention and treatment


While warmer weather means more outdoor activities, it also means carefully protecting your skin from the sun. A common problem during spring and summer, sunburn can cause skin to become tender, red, and even scaly. Without the proper protection of sunscreen and clothing, sunburn can cause long-term damage, as well as considerable pain and discomfort.… Read More →

Who Should Get Their Flu Shot?

October 31, 2013 by in Prevention

Getting your flu shot is even more critical when you are pregnant or have recently given birth, a University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix faculty member warns. “Influenza is more dangerous in pregnant women than other women because the changes in the immune system while you are carrying your child,” said Maria Manriquez,… Read More →

Sip 'Pink Drink' to Support Breast Cancer research

breast cancer
September 18, 2013 by in Prevention

For the entire month of October, guests who dine at Dominick’s Steakhouse at the Scottsdale Quarter will be seeing pink, literally. Servers and staff at the popular Manhattan style restaurant will be wearing pink ties for the entire month of October and offering 100% of the proceeds from its “Pink Drink” to the Arizona Institute… Read More →

Raising awareness of ovarian cancer

Tea for Teal Committee
September 14, 2013 by in Healthy Living | Prevention

Fact: Ovarian cancer accounts for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system and the rate of survival has not changed in over 30 years. Unlike other cancers, ovarian cancer is more difficult to detect. Even during a woman’s annual exam, none of the tests performed would screen for ovarian cancer. Due… Read More →

Reducing the risk of prostate cancer

September 14, 2013 by in Healthy Living | Prevention

Fact: If caught early, prostate cancer is 100 percent curable. However, because there are no major signs up prostate cancer until it is in its late stages, the diagnosis and mortality rates of the disease are shocking and the statistics are shocking. According to the American Cancer Society: *Other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is… Read More →

Safety During School


Your teens are back to school, which means the stress of keeping them out of trouble during summer is over, right? Wrong. There are even more reasons to be concerned about what your teens are up to. While most parents think “my kid would never do drugs, they know it is wrong,” the fact is… Read More →

Macy's Partners With Local Charity to Raise Funds and Awareness for Breast Cancer

breast cancer

Macy’s will partner with City of Hope’s Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer to invite customers to participate in Macy’s eighth annual national “Shop For A Cause” charity shopping event on August 24. Customers can purchase shopping passes from City of Hope now. Macy’s “Shop For A Cause” is a unique one-day-only shopping event… Read More →