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An Afternoon Riding On The Grand Canyon Railway

Grand Canyon Railway, Arizona

I officially have one item checked off my “see the seven wonders of the world” list. Six more to go. For anyone living in Arizona, it’s pretty common to make at least one trip to the Grand Canyon. However, not everyone is lucky enough to take an entertaining train ride from the town of Williams,… Read More →

Snapshot: New Times Dirty 6 Mud Run

New Times Dirty 6 Mud Run, Phoenix, Ariz.

New Times Dirty 6 Mud Run is… 13 obstacles, BBQ, beer and, oh yeah, group outdoor showers! It is a biannual event that has three courses, including: a 6 mile, 3 mile and Kids 1K run riddled with obstacles, a wall of water, two river crossings, a down-and-dirty mud crawl, obstacle course, giant slip ‘n… Read More →

Coachella Music And Arts Festival 2011: Over 150 Bands In 3 Days

2011 Coachella Music and Arts Festival
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The Coachella Music and Arts Festival, which started in 1999, is known for it’s beautiful location, endless amounts of smiling faces and positive energy, and an unending supply of some of the world’s best music. Each year, festival goers (many, who after attending the festival for their first time, vow to return to the festival… Read More →

Urban Dare Adventure Race In Tempe

urban dare adventure race tempe arizona
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It was the perfect, spring Saturday for an outdoor adventure. My good friend and I would be competing in the annual Urban Dare Adventure Race of Phoenix/Tempe. The Urban Dare Adventure Race is a 5- to 7-mile race, similar to the “Amazing Race.” First, we competed in the costume contest with our team name of… Read More →

Mile High Road Trip To Jerome

Jerome, Ariz. Main Street
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This week I took a mile-high road trip to the town of Jerome. I’ve been to their a few times in the past few years, and every time is a new journey. There are so many different historical and artistic places to visit that it’s impossible to fit them all into one day. Not to… Read More →

Lomography: Analog Photography Is Back And Trendier Than Ever

Lomography photography at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Ariz.
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It’s the “instant gratification” generation. We need our information now; service must be quick. We’re a society devoid of patience, and we only continue to make our lives more fast-paced. As far as photography is concerned, we’ve moved from analog to digital, so we can view our photos immediately after it’s taken. That way we… Read More →

2011 Best of the Best Awards Photo Gallery

Ranking Arizona presents Best of the Best Awards 2011
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Ranking Arizona hosted it’s special awards reception, recognizing the companies that Arizona’s public ranks as their favorites with which to do business. Some of the Companies recognized this year include Donovan’s Steak & Chop House, St. Joseph’s Hospital & Medical Center, National Bank of Arizona, The Go Daddy Group Inc., Rossmar & Graham, Scottsdale Fashion… Read More →

Rappelling a Frozen Arizona Waterfall

Canyoneers standing on frozen creek in front of frozen waterfall
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A group of us canyoneers had been trying to get to a frozen waterfall near Mingus Mountain for quite a few years. Last year the snow levels were too high and other years it was not frozen. In February, Phoenix had a rare cold front go through and dropped the daytime highs into the mid-40s.… Read More →

Catching The Races At The Phoenix International Raceway

Phoenix International Raceway Family Day, Flickr:, Michele Bardell
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For those of you who would like to “rev up” your family weekend, take a drive to Phoenix International Raceway. The short drive to Avondale and the winding road back into the raceway is a great way to start the adventure. You will find that parking is quite easy and is just a short walk… Read More →

Snapshot: RED Awards 2011 Winners

Snapshot: RED AWARDS 2011 Winners
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On Feb. 22, AZRE hosted the 6th Annual RED Awards reception at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix to recognize the most notable commercial real estate projects of 2010 and the construction teams involved. AZRE held an open call for nominations and more than 100 architects, contractors, developers and brokerage firms participated in the process. Here are… Read More →

Yoga: Pose of the Soul

woman performing yoga pose on wood floor

Yoga is a form of exercise that uses slow movements and stretching. It is good for increasing flexibility & balance, relieving stress and relaxing. Yoga has been used as a meditation technique for thousands of years. As you exercise, you meditate on what your body is feeling and try to be “one with the universe.”… Read More →

Snowshoe Hiking in Northern Arizona

Snowshoe Hiking in Flagstaff, Ariz.
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Snowshoe hiking: yes, it’s exactly what you think it is — hiking with shoes that allow you to walk in the snow, without burying half your body in it, expending every bit of energy left in you to take each step. It gets exhausting treading through feet-deep snow — makes you almost want to snuggle… Read More →

Top Google Logos 2009

google Logos 2009
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About Google’s collection of 2009 Doodles. Some of the birthdays celebrated with Doodles this year were: Dr. Seuss, Giovanni Schiaparelli, Charles Darwin, Jackson Pollock, Igor Stravinsky, Mary Cassatt, Samuel Morse, Michael Jackson, LL Zamenhof, E.C. Segar, Mahatma Gandhi, Confucius, H.G. Wells and more. There were Doodles celebrating anniversary’s for Tetris (25 Yrs), Galileo’s First Telescope… Read More →

Top Google Logos 2004

Top Google Logos 2004
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Google’s 2004 Year In Review January Google has had an excellent year. At the beginning of the year, Bill Gates famously said, “They kicked our butts” about Google’s domination of and enormous profits on search, but promised a MSN Search engine within a year. Google began the process of going public. Yahoo freaked out and… Read More →