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Arizona Entrepreneur launches music streaming platform

Arizona will soon be known as the “independent music capital of the world” with the launch of Arena Music, the first and only streaming music platform built on the concept of fair pay for artists and free play for listeners. By leveraging music as a loss leader, Arena is helping artists and labels redirect consumer… Read More →

Girls in Tech launches a Phoenix chapter

women in tech

Girls in Tech, an organization focused on the empowerment, entrepreneurship, engagement, and education of women in technology, has launched a Phoenix Chapter to help young women in the community understand their potential as future leaders in the technology sector. However, Girls in Tech exists for anyone with an interest in technology, startups and promoting the… Read More →

Robots help MBA students at ASU stay on track

Getting your MBA at Arizona State University just got more accessible. If you can’t avoid missing class, new robots will allow students to attend remotely. Already the highest ranked part-time MBA in the state, the W. P. Carey Professional Flex MBA at ASU is committed to supporting student success by offering the latest in innovative… Read More →

Arizona cyber experts warn that WannaCry outbreak just tip of iceberg

cybersecurity cloud

Arizona cybersecurity experts called the recent international cyberattacks known as “WannaCry” among the worst attacks they have seen, and they called it a warning about the country’s lack of cybersecurity preparation. “This is only the beginning of a very, very long list of bad stuff,” said Brett Scott, co-founder of the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range.… Read More →

Energy innovations open opportunities for Arizona’s energy sector

energy storage

Many of the innovations happening in the energy sector involve solving intermittency issues brought to the table by renewable energy darlings like photovoltaic solar and wind generation. With photovoltaic solar providing the bulk of its energy during off peak hours and wind turbines unable to generate anything on a windless day, the energy sector has… Read More →

NAU and Coder Camps offer software development training

To help employers meet the growing demand for skilled software developers, Northern Arizona University and national programming boot camp Coder Camps are partnering to teach students full-stack software development in 12 weeks. Powered by Coder Camps’ new modular curriculum, the classes will be available through NAU in support of its mission to serve critical workforce… Read More →

Are you ready for artificial intelligence to change your business?

Artificial intelligence

The whole idea of artificial intelligence, or AI for short, was the stuff of science fiction for decades. Then it was the next big thing that was going to change the world, accompanied by much hype. And while we were worrying about what it all meant, AI sort of happened without the expected fanfare. It… Read More →

Silicon Desert Insider: Simplify social media strategy through integration

marketing strategy

The impact that social media and online review platforms have had on the bottom line of businesses cannot be understated. These mediums allow companies to share content, engage with consumers, advertise, expand a brand and more. Social media gives a brand personality, and more importantly, reinforces a positive or negative reputation. Marketers spend millions of… Read More →

Scottsdale software leader Swiftpage goes global

Swiftpage, the maker of Act! and a leading provider of software and services that help small and mid-sized businesses grow, announced today that it has entered into a Master Distributor agreement with Act Today, the leading provider of Act! software and support services in the Australia and New Zealand regions. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Act Today has… Read More →

6 steps to reduce your risk of a DDoS attack

DDoS Attack

You’ve seen the splashy headlines about web services getting taken down by DDoS, or Distributed-Denial-of-Service Attacks, but have you ever worried about these attacks taking down your firm’s site? As recently as October 2016, internet traffic company Dyn was the victim of several DDoS attacks, which shut down websites and services across the East Coast.… Read More →

Consumer product review: Picture Keeper will protect memories

3,3158 – not the quantity of Starbucks drinks I’ve had in the last month (although maybe close) – it’s the number of pictures and videos on my phone. Add another 4,000 (give or take) stored on my Mac. I’d like to say I’m one of those people who routinely backs up her precious memories, aware… Read More → will anchor SkySong development expansion

SkySong 4, a leading provider of Internet services and online marketing solutions for small businesses, is relocating and becoming the anchor tenant at the new SkySong 4 following its 2016 acquisition of a previous tenant in the development, Yodle.’s new space will be used primarily for sales, administration and local executives. With’s presence, SkySong 4 is now 72 percent leased.  With its nearly… Read More →

Arizona Senate passes $1B boost for university research

At 11:01 p.m. on Thursday May 4, 2017, the Arizona Senate passed HB 2547: university infrastructure capital financing; appropriations paving the way for up to $1 billion in bonds to expand and maintain university research infrastructure at Arizona’s public universities. HB2547 is part of a set of budget bills that make up Arizona’s $9.8 Billion Budget… Read More →

Arizona tech sector takes steps to rise to prominence

When Vivek Kopparthi graduated from Arizona State University and wanted to start his own tech business, he looked no further than Arizona’s tech sector. Kopparthi’s Scottsdale-based company, Neolight, is developing neonatal phototherapy treatment for babies born with jaundice. When it came to get the company up and running and source talent, he relied on his… Read More →