About Eastern Arizona

To fully appreciate the natural beauty of Arizona, head to the eastern cities. Become one with nature as you enjoy some of the most aesthetic outdoor attractions in the western U.S.

Marvel in the rugged and grand terrain of eastern Arizona’s greatest appeal, the White Mountains, with elevations climbing to over 11,000 feet. Covered with ponderosa pine and carved by deep river canyons, the mountains serve as a true safe haven from the blistering summer heat. During the winter months, any ski enthusiast will surely find happiness here with Sunrise Park Resort’s 10 ski lifts, 65 trails and private snowboarding park.

Regardless of the time of year, these mountains house hundreds of natural sights for hikers, museums and shops for lookers, as well as ski trails for thrill-seekers. Nestled in these scenic peaks is Pinetop-Lakeside, known for its recreational activities and excessive tourism. With a wide variety of places for hiking and biking and beautiful golf courses, you’ll never find yourself bored in these quaint communities.

Travel only about an hour and a half from the ponderosa pine-filled towns to see the landscape change dramatically to dry, sun-baked topography in the world famous Petrified Forest. Located just a mere hour drive from Show Low, the forest attracts Arizona residents year round, along with interstate travelers.

See the landscape morph yet again as you progress toward the breathtaking Painted Desert, which stretches from Petrified Forest National Park all the way to the Grand Canyon. The Little Painted Desert Country Park is located just north of Winslow, another major eastern Arizona city. Known as “The City of Ten Thousand Friendly Faces,” Winslow offers Northern Pioneer Community College and Standin’ On The Corner Park, built for the town’s fame in The Eagles’ song “Take It Easy.” Revel in the live music and sights of historic downtown Winslow that the park has to offer.

The parks eastern Arizona presents aren’t only enjoyable for avid hikers. If you’re intrigued by history and Native American culture, head to Petrified Forest National Park, Five-Mile Canyon in Snowflake, Lyman Lake State Park, or Hieroglyphic Point in Salt River Canyon to check out the famous rock art of the early Native Americans. This preservation of history is painted or carved on canyon walls, boulders, and basalt all throughout the beautiful eastern region of the state. Enjoy the historic artwork as you journey through the natural wonders Arizona has to offer.

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