Spence Diamonds

High-tech diamonds come to Scottsdale

The third U.S. retail location of Spence Diamonds, a Canada-based jewelry retailer, is opening up at the Scottsdale Quarter on Feb. 9.

The upcoming Spence Diamond location will be at 15257 N. Scottsdale Rd., STE 140. and the location will carry both its own diamonds and traditionally mined diamonds.

Spence Diamonds boasts that it will open up potential customers to a new approach of buying diamond jewelry, and its newest location is opening just before Valentine’s Day.

Spence Diamonds says it offers exclusive jewelry, Spence Artisan Created Diamonds. These diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, but were created in a plasma chamber instead of being mined. Spence Diamonds are similar to diamonds plucked from the earth physically, optically and chemically, but are substantially larger at any given price point.

“Using breakthrough technology, scientists have discovered how to replicate the process in the Earth’s magma layer that creates diamonds. Our Artisan Created Diamonds are created in a titanium chamber where gaseous carbon is converted into new diamonds molecules using heat from plasma energy and extremely high pressure. During this process, which can take six to 12 weeks, new diamond molecules bond together to slowly grow until its desired size is achieved,” said Eric Lindberg, president of Spence.

For decades, scientists and engineers have sought this technology in creating gem quality diamonds. Not until recently was the specific process perfected, with just several centers around the world capable of creating these diamonds.

Spence Diamonds prices its diamonds based on a fixed cost, unlike regular diamonds, which are priced off of supply and demand.


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