Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Photo: Flickr, DrStarbuck

Things To Do In Arizona: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Take a tour at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, and you’ll quickly understand why this museum attracts millions of visitors to its grounds. With an assortment of animals in their natural settings and instructional, educational programs, the Arizona-Sonora Desert is not only a must-see, but a must-experience.

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s commitment to research and protection of plants, animals and the land of the Sonoran Desert region has helped the museum attain its goal to connect people and nature. For instance, its natural history museum of the Sonoran Desert comes complete 1,200 kinds of plants within its botanical garden and exhibits that recreate the desert as well as 300 animal species. With almost two miles of paths to trek on the 21 acres of desert landscape, this breathtaking experience will have visitors questioning their eyes as they struggle to believe how such beauty can exist in one museum.

Also found at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum is the Center for Sonoran Desert Studies, a hub for research, education and conservation of the Sonoran Desert. The Center for Sonoran Desert Studies provides interdisciplinary studies with a focus on whole-organism and community biology, projects that promote habitat conservation, as well as collaboration with the people of Mexico in its research and education.

The museum also welcomes field trips and offers classes and outreach programs to visit the museum year-round. Summer, Winter and Earth camps are available as well as a Coati Kids’ Club for ages 6-12. Scouts and preschool programs are also welcome to participate and plan events at this unique museum that makes connecting with nature so easy.

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