Foodist Awards

Foodist Awards

FOODIST: a collective of like-minded food worshipers. A Foodist breathes and sleeps in order to eat and drink. They are bona fide food fans — those who immerse themselves in the artistry of the food industry.

April 24, 2014
Montelucia Spa & Resort


The second season of Foodist takes place on Thursday, April 24 at the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia, when an incredible year for Arizona’s culinary and cocktail scene will be marked with an evening of stellar celebration. Click here for more details.

2014 Foodist Finalists

  1. Food Pioneers:
    Joe Johnston, Joe’s Real BBQ, Liberty Market, Etc.
    Sam Fox, Fox Restaurant Concepts
    Craig DeMarco, Upward Projects
  2. Top Chef:
    Cullen Campbell, Crudo
    Gio Osso, Virtu
    Charlene Badman, FnB
  3. Good Neighbor:
    Community Kitchen
    Upward Projects
    The Vig
  4. Master Mixologist:
    Micah Olson, Bar Crudo
    Andrew Record, Kadence Restaurant Group, Tucson
    Stephanie Teslar, Hotel Palomar, Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails
  5. Emerging Restaurant of the Year:
    The Henry
    The Original Chop Shop
  6. Outstanding Restaurant Concept:
  7. Outstanding Restaurant Food Truck:
    Hao Bao
    Nogales Hot Dogs
    Lobster Lady
  8. Outstanding Multiple Location Restaurant:
    Pita Jungle
    Postino Wine Café
  9. Uniquely Arizona:
    Cartwright’s Sonoran Ranch House
  10. Best Dish “Steak”:
    Bourbon Steak
    Donovon’s Steak & Chop House

The Arizona Restaurant Association and Az Business Magazine invite you to have a seat at our table as we honor the culinary minds that have helped shape Arizona’s culinary landscape. Some cook regularly in their kitchen; some dream of the next great concept; some blog daily offering a hefty dose of in-the-know opinion; and others manage foodservice solutions. All contributed to an exciting year of exhilarating food developments.

Click here for nominations and more information.

Foodist Awards Recognizes Culinary Forward-thinkers for their Dedicated Passion & Contributions

Foodist AwardsThe quest to find the culinary standard-bearers that embody the pursuit – the achievement – of excellence is underway. The Arizona Restaurant Association and Az Business magazine is proud to announce Arizona’s newest industry accolade – Foodist Awards.

The official award of the ARA and the industry, Foodist Awards is where the restaurants, companies and the people behind the very best in the industry are recognized for their superior business acumen, demonstrated leadership and contributions to shaping the culinary landscape of Arizona.

We all are passionate about food, and as a contributor to the restaurant community we know you eat, sleep and breathe food, immersing yourself in the artistry of the industry. Now’s your chance to tell all of Arizona just how much of a Foodist you really are!

This prestigious honor is open to non-members and members of the ARA, with all levels of the industry invited to participate.


The Foodist Awards will honor business practices, concepts, culinary achievements, and food and drink from eleven different categories:

  1. Food Pioneer
  2. Top Chef
  3. Good Neighbor
  4. Master Mixologist
  5. Emerging Restaurant of the Year
  6. Outstanding Restaurant Concept
  7. Outstanding Restaurant Food Truck
  8. Outstanding Multiple Location Restaurant
  9. Uniquely Arizona
  10. Best Dish “Steak”

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