Pfister plumbing fixtures announces upcoming product lines

Home and kitchen faucet company, Pfister, has three new faucet products and collections as it gears up to unveil a new faucet concept, Water Over Wire, at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in January in Orlando.

Water Over Wire consists of three new faucet concepts. A handle-less faucet will be introduced as well as a built-in LED task light concept to bring light to the workspace. Another concept will have voice control features for turning the faucet on and off.

The three new products and collections at Pfister include:

Tisbury Collection:

The Tisbury Collection utilizes classic art and design motifs, while offering state-of-the-art functionality within a clean, timeless, traditional design. The collection was inspired by architectural elements from classic home interiors, but features a cleaner, modernized approached to details. Long drawn-out profile curves are balanced by ogee curves on the case of the faucet and are repeated throughout the design. Tisbury products and accessories include faucets, bath tubs, showers, tub fillers, slide bars, diverters and towel bars that look consistent with fixtures on steamships, classic trains and in grand hotel suites. Tisbury fixtures are available with straight levers as well as attractive cross-handles, and the entire Tisbury Collection is available exclusively through Ferguson.

UFFIZI Collection:


UFFIZI Collection lets you see the water rinse. (Photo courtesy of Pfister)

The UFFIZI Collection of faucets by FORTIS (exclusively distributed by Pfister) delivers “clear luxury” through the use of handcrafted Italian glass, polished chrome and impeccable construction. UFFIZI’s first-of-its-kind design enables users to actually see the water rise in an elegant glass cylinder before it cascades over the chrome spout. Several matching UFFIZI bathroom accessories are available in polished chrome and brush nickel to further enhance and complement the design.

XTRACT Filtration Solutions:

Pfister has partnered with GE Appliances to provide an integrated water filtration solution in a kitchen faucet. Pfister’s new XTRACT filter faucets deliver filtered water two times faster than conventional drinking water dispensers while completely eliminating the need for a bulky filter pitcher, filter attachment or separate drinking water spigot.

(Photo courtesy of Pfister)

XTRACT filters the water. (Photo courtesy of Pfister)

XTRACT technology improves the quality and safety of drinking water in homes by reducing contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, chlorine, lead and cysts from your drinking water all within the footprint of your current kitchen faucet. XTRACT technology is currently available on the Clarify and Lita models.