Chambers of Fear

Chambers Of Fear: Back For 2011 And Even Better

Chambers of Fear, the haunted house that was named the Arizona Republic’s “Top Haunt” in 2010, is back this year, and it’s even better than it was before.

Chambers of Fear

Chambers of Fear began in 2010 by Graveyard Entertainment, LLC. — a company already well-known in the Valley for Halloween events, perhaps most notably for Arizona Fright Nights, which ran for several years before Chambers of Fear was introduced.

Paul Boyd of Graveyard Entertainment says that he isn’t surprised at all by Chambers of Fear winning the Top Haunt award that it did. He attributed it to the experience that Graveyard had from the events they ran before they started Chambers of Fear, and particularly all of the actors who make these events possible. He says that their actors and their team really give it their all, and that’s what makes Graveyard’s events such a success.

Winning the award that they did has only motivated Graveyard to do even better this year, as they’ve added a number of new attractions to the Chambers of Fear this year. According to Boyd, there are, among other things, new animatronics, new sets and new monsters to frighten and entertain guests. Boyd also says that they were better prepared this year; in 2010, they only had a period of time from June to October to prepare, but this year, they were able to use the entire year to get ready.

Chambers of Fear

Boyd also explains what sets Chambers of Fear apart from other haunted houses in the Valley is a “passion to scare” and having more than 20 years of experience scaring attendees. He says that Chambers of Fear and Graveyard Entertainment are successful because all the people involved with these events “know what scares people, and they take pride in making sure that everyone walks out scared.”

Chambers of Fear has been going on for a couple of weekends so far, and the turnout has been great, Boyd says.”The numbers have doubled since last year.”

There’s nearly twice as many guests this year as there were in 2010. Because people enjoyed it so much last year, it was a combination of word-of-mouth and this year’s new attractions that so many new faces are showing up this year. Boyd says he is excited about the turnout for 2011’s event and what it could mean for future events.

“Year three is going to be even better.”

Chambers of Fear:

September 29 – October 31, 2011
7 p.m. – 12 a.m. Fridays & Saturdays, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. Thursdays & Sundays
Please visit Chambers of Fear’s website for more information.