Haunted Boutique Resort Offering Ghost Tours

As one of the oldest resorts in the Valley with a rich cowboy history dating back to the 1930’s, it’s only natural that The Hermosa Inn would be home to a few friendly spirits still wandering the grounds. From original owner, cowboy artist Alonzo “Lon” Megargee, to a “Pink Lady” on a bridge and unexplained moving objects, this luxury boutique resort is now offering a Hermosa Hauntings package, where guests will receive two creepy cocktails from Last Drop at the Hermosa upon arrival, in addition to a guided ghost tour of the property.

“While we have accumulated quite a few ghost stories over the years, all the spirits that have been encountered seem to be quite friendly,” said Managing Director Michael Gildersleeve. “With so much interest from guests over the decades – and even more so in recent years with the popularity of rivaling ghost hunting shows on television – we thought it fitting to offer a package that gets our guests into the holiday spirit, and maybe even allows them to have an experience of their own with an on-property spirit.”

Valid October 1 – November 3, 2013 and starting from $246/night, the Hermosa Hauntings package includes an overnight stay, two creepy cocktails – Last Drop’s “Eye for an Eye” (recipe here) – upon arrival, and a guided ghost tour through the property.

Ghost stories that have been reported from throughout the Inn include the following:

Closing the Door
Apparently Lon likes the doors shut. A maid actually quit after having doors shut on their own multiple times while she was cleaning the guest casitas.

A Pat on the Head
A guest came into the restaurant to show her friends some of Lon Megargee’s original artwork that hangs in Last Drop (the portion of the Hermosa Inn that was Lon’s original art studio and residence). The host showed them the way, walked in the other room, had his hands full and when he came back to the guests (still with both hands full) the woman was looking up in the air. Our host asked what she was looking at, or if the roof was leaking from the rainy day, and she said “No, you just patted me on the head.” He assured her that he did not, as his hands were full.

Cowboy in the Mirror
Yet another maid quit her job at The Hermosa Inn; this time due to the reflection of a cowboy that appeared in the mirror behind her. When she turned around, no one was there.

Lady in Pink
Multiple guests have asked “Who is that lady in the pink gown walking over the bridge by the pool?” While we don’t know who she might be, a lady in a floor-length flowing pink gown (something not of this time period) does appear to guests in the late hours of the night or early mornings as she walks across the bridge.

Lon Did It
Oftentimes candlesticks will somehow fall out of their candlestick holders and other objects seem to move on their own or be misplaced. Decorations on the host stand have been “pushed” off, and a host was talking to a guest at the bar when a bottle of tequila flew off the shelf and broke multiple glasses. The staff will often joke “Oh, Lon must have done that!”

Kids at Play
One of the restaurant’s evening dishwashers refuses to work alone at night because she has seen children of times passed playing out in the parking lot upon leaving at 1 or 2 in the morning, in addition to seeing the Pink Lady mentioned above.

Spirits in the Cellar
When workers were doing construction in the underground wine cellar of LON’s, they had left various tools in disarray and went upstairs to get something. When they came back down, all their tools had been neatly placed in a row. There have also been accounts of doors opening/closing and lights going on and off.

To book a Hermosa Hauntings package, call 602.955.8614 (toll free at 800.241.1210) or visit www.HermosaInn.com and use promo code Haunting. For more information on The Hermosa Inn, LON’s and Last Drop, visit Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the Hermosa Inn blog.