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HCLA 2013: Special Achievement


Cancer Treatment Centers of America — Western Regional Medical Center

Looking to improve the quality of produce available to CTCA’s kitchen, CTCA Executive Chef Caputo helped develop an on-site organic farm. After extensive research, Caputo forged a relationship with McClendon’s Select Organic Farms to convert an existing cotton field on the property to a certified organic farm. CTCA is the first cancer center in the nation to have an onsite organic farm to grow the produce so that it can be served directly to patients and employees at its peak nutritional value.

Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation

Ivy founded the Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation after her husband, Ben Ivy, lost his battle with glioblastoma (the most aggressive and common form of brain cancer) in 2005. Since then, the foundation has provided more than $50-million to brain cancer research. In 2012, the Ivy Foundation awarded $10 million in grants for two groundbreaking brain cancer research projects at TGen. “The tireless and dedicated support of programs like the Ivy Foundation is helping transform ideas into medical reality,” said TGen President and Research Director Dr. Jeffrey Trent.

The CORE Institute

Jacofsky, along with other CORE surgeons and researchers, are currently working with at least a half-dozen companies — both large and small — to help them create and improve products for patient care. The CORE Institute has developed and patented products of its own to either license or sell to industry. This effort to cultivate local, regional and international partnerships with private orthopedic companies and research institutions shows CORE’s dedication to bringing economic opportunities to the healthcare industry in Arizona.

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