"Remembering Our Fallen" Exhibit Honors Arizona Soldiers

According to Denis Day, Director of the Honor Walk Foundation, the “Remembering Our Fallen” exhibit “reinforces the real human cost of war.” “Remembering Our Fallen” is a moving exhibit, sponsored by the Honor Walk Foundation, that recognizes men and women who have sacrificed their lives in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The exhibit is comprised of pictures and special mementos contributed by the family members of fallen soldiers.

Through this exhibit, Day has come in contact with countless families, each that have their own moving story. He remembers the story of a young girl who enlisted in the military right after graduating from her high school in Tucson, where she played in the marching band. She was killed right before her 19th birthday. Her mother, a former marine, passed away of cancer just a few years later. Both are now buried in Arlington cemetery together.

Day also remembers meeting a woman who did not have a loved one commemorated at the exhibit, but whose husband was killed during the Vietnam War and is now considered permanently MIA.

These are just a few of the countless, heart wrenching stories of people permanently affected by war. The “Remembering Our Fallen” exhibit allows families and friends of fallen soldiers to come together and share in the experience of honoring the heroic lives of their loved ones.

“[The exhibit] puts a face on these people – they’re not just names or statistics anymore. They’ve given the ultimate sacrifice, and we owe it to them to never forget,” said Day.

Day’s son, Colin Day, an Iraq War veteran, founded the Honor Walk Foundation with the help of a few others. The organization provides professional networking, mentoring and career services for veterans. In addition to these services and the sponsoring of the “Remembering Our Fallen” exhibit, the Honor Walk Foundation also puts on the Honor Walk each February.

The organization is excited about the upcoming 2014 walk, scheduled for February 23. “We’re hoping to have 5,000 people there. It’s going to be a terrific event,” said Day.

The Honor Walk Foundation also gives people the chance to honor a veteran at the Honor Walk. Whether they are still living or have passed, whether they are young or old, any veteran is eligible to be recognized. The veteran’s profile will be displayed on the Honor Walk Foundation’s website as well as on a large screen at the event in February where they will be recognized by name.

The “Remembering Our Fallen” exhibit is set to be featured at the state fair for the month of October. If you would like to visit the exhibit before then, it will be displayed September 7-15 at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Phoenix.

According to Day, there is no end point in sight for the exhibit. As long as people continue hosting the exhibit, it will continue to exist, honoring the brave men and women of Arizona who have so selflessly represented our state and our country.

Remembering Our Fallen