Solar Water Heating & Cooling Summit to Bring Industry Together

Arizona’s Solar Water Heating and Cooling industry is coming together for a daylong session designed to bring greater awareness to solar water heating technologies and to maintain the high standards and performance that the industry has delivered to Arizona ratepayers.  The Arizona Solar Water Heating and Cooling Summit, which will take place tomorrow, August 28, is designed to be a forum for industry members and other interested stakeholders and open up the discussion on how best to make consumers more aware of their solar options and continue to deliver the best possible product to Arizona consumers.

“Solar water heating is an often overlooked technology when people are interested in going solar,” said Michael Neary, of Desert Sun Solar, Inc., a Phoenix-based solar consulting firm.  “If you are considering either residential or commercial solar applications, picking the low hanging fruit with energy efficiency and solar water heating, is the smart way to go.  It will ultimately save you money and lead to a faster return on your investment in making yourself energy independent.”

Guest speakers for the Summit will include representatives from Millennium Energy, which recently performed an analysis of some of the benefits of solar water heating for Arizona utilities; and the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation, a national organization that certifies solar thermal collectors and systems.  The Arizona Solar Center will also report on the success of their utility solar water heating inspection program, which has raised the quality of solar DHW installations considerably here in the Phoenix area.

Jim Combs, of Conservative Energy Systems, a Mesa, AZ-based solar water heating contractor stated:  “We need to let consumers know that they have a choice when considering solar technologies. Solar water heating systems have a rapid return on investment when replacing an electric water heater, and in general when you need to replace your water heater.”

The event is sponsored by Salt River Project, Arizona Public Service and the Arizona Solar Center and will take place at Salt River Project’s PERA Club in Tempe.

About the Arizona Solar Energy Center:
The mission of the Arizona Solar Center is to enhance the utilization of renewable energy, educate Arizona’s residents on solar technology developments, support commerce and industry in the development of solar and other sustainable technologies and coordinate these efforts throughout the state of Arizona.