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5 Ways to Show off Your Youth At Work

If you’re fresh out of college at your first job or starting a new internship dressing for work is a lot more complicated than it looks. It can be hard to find a way to show off your youth and still feel like a professional adult. Instead of mimicking what your mom has in her closet you can take advantage of these five tips to keep both your individuality and your dress code.

1. Play with your hair: When you get your first job it’s easy to associate buns and ponytails with professionalism but there isn’t a ban on other hairstyles. If you’re short on time to get ready you can always just let your hair down for the day but if you have the time to put in more effort experiment with new styles. If you’re a fan of pulled back hair give braids a try. An over-the-shoulder fishtail or braided crown can be seen as both fun and professional.

2. Remember color is your friend: If you get the chance go through your closet and try to create at least one professional outfit that doesn’t include the color black. Black is a very safe color to use when it comes to picking out suits and skirts for work but don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone. Choosing to wear colors can bring a lot of excitement to an otherwise dull professional wardrobe.

3. Step up your shoe game: Everyone should have a pair of plain back pumps. They’re a reliable choice that goes with everything but if you’re going to experiment anywhere in your wardrobe then shoes would be the best place to start. Trade in your old pumps for a charming pair of colorful flats or strappy summertime wedges. Just make sure the heel is under three inches to stay professional.

4. Remember nails count as accessories: Out of your whole outfit your nails probably attract the least amount of attention, so use them as a chance to go crazy and show off your individuality. A light pastel color, like lavender or tiffany blue, can be trendy and youthful. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous you can test out a pattern or special design.

5. Buy the proper blazer: Blazers are an important part of any woman’s professional wardrobe. They’re all you need to take a sundress from lunchtime with parents to boardroom with the boss. Just make sure that you’re wearing the right cut for your age. A classic conservative blazer is not fitted and possibly has shoulder pads. When you put one out it might seem like you’re drowning in it. If you’re younger you’ll want to go for a modern blazer. They’re fitted with a cinched waist, a slim collar and no shoulder pads in sight. They’re classy and professional and they won’t make it look like the blazer is wearing you instead of the other way around. And remember blazers come in all colors, patterns and fabrics. If you bored with plain black, try navy blazer or a tweed one.

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