JAMIE LOVES: Hiking Arizona

JAMIE LOVES: February 2012

JAMIE LOVES in February…

Being outside!

The average temperature in Scottsdale for the month of February is 74 degrees of perfection. Blue skies above our heads, white fluffy clouds — life is good in Arizona!

Because the weather is just about perfect, and because I made a resolution to health, I like to spend as much time as I can outdoors. I am so excited for the weekends to come so I can do my Saturday ritual. I like to wake up bright and early and head to a mountain for a beautiful hike. Some days I love the challenge of Camelback Mountain, and others days I love the leisure of Quartz Ridge. Either way, after a hike I deserve a nice meal, so it’s off to brunch! Then I am ready for whatever the weekend has in store for me!

I love Camelback Mountain because it is maintained to perfection and everyone you see on the trail is so friendly. I personally like to challenge myself by parking my car at the Echo trail head, which is located right off McDonald, and start up the mountain there.

Once I am at the top, I admire the amazing view and breathe in the fresh, desert air. Instead of going back down the trail I came up, I prefer to hike down Cholla, which ends at East Cholla Way and Invergordon, and I run around back to where my car is parked. Some days this is easier than others, but no matter what it makes for a great challenge.

JAMIE LOVES: Chelsea's KitchenSometimes I like to hike with my girlfriends or daughters, so I love to go on Quartz Ridge, located on 32nd and Lincoln. I love this hike because it’s not too challenging, yet you still get a great workout!

After my morning workout, it is time to treat myself to some great food and coffee at Chelsea’s Kitchen. I love sitting outside on their beautiful patio enjoying the sun while eating the classic French omelet, which includes sautéed spinach, mushrooms and fresh herbs.




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