Don’t Eat Dead Food – “Peak Up” Your Meals Through Raphaology

Not all food is considered equal.

Let me explain. I consider many foods today “dead food,” because they have been genetically modified or grown in depleted soil and no longer contain the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.

Some foods can actually deplete your body of nutrients. They can cause the body to pull nutrients and minerals from less vital tissues in order to supply what it needs in other places. In my opinion, food should not be called food if it is not giving some value to your body and is actually taking something away.

Many foods cause acidity in the body that creates a host environment for disease. The body continually attempts to maintain a balanced internal environment at all times. When this balance is thrown off, we become sick.

Peak foods are those foods that contain higher amounts of enzymes and have absorbed specific light frequencies from the sun that provide your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. Typically these foods have higher nutritional value and are pH balancing to the body.

One great thing about a “peak lifestyle”–also known as Raphaology–is that you never have to deprive yourself of the food that you enjoy because there is a replacement for practically everything that is not considered “peak.” Most times your meal will taste better too.

You can “peak up” practically any meal by replacing the old dead food with healthy living food. Click on the following link to get a list of regular foods and their peak replacement.

Nurtured Living Peak Food Conversion Chart

One example on this list of a peak replacement is to eat pears instead of apples. The reason is that apples don’t have anywhere near the enzymes that pears have which makes your body work harder to digest it. Since pears have more enzymes, they assist the body in the digestion

Another replacement is to eat pressed or rolled barley instead of rolled oats. One of the main reasons for this is that oats are very acidic in the body. Oranges is another acid-forming food. The peak replacement for oranges is tangerines, mandarins or limes.

One more example of a non-peak food is the peanut. The oil in peanuts starts to get rancid immediately after picking, so the better nut to eat is almonds or cashews.

Making simple adjustments to the foods you eat will help you create an environment insideyour body that will resist disease and get you started on the road to better health.

If you would like any suggestions on how to peak up your meals, contact me through my website at Nurtured Living.


About Nurtured Living

I have been interested in obtaining better health for many years now, especially after dealing with valley fever. After that experience, I knew how important it was to keep up my health. I never wanted to feel that way again. I learned a lot on my journey back to health and have made a lot of discoveries that I want to share with people. We don't have to suffer when we are older if we will take the steps now to protect our health. We will be glad we did. I am currently available evenings and weekends for events or appointments in reflexology, raphaology and sole speak coaching (aka toe reading - which can also be done online).