Top 5 Independent Movies This Summer, Photo: Rasdourian, Flickr

Independent Movies: Top 5 Summer Movies

Independent Movies: We’re all ready to see Harry Potter and X Men First Class this summer; some of us even already have our tickets to the midnight showings. But what about those other underground movies that go overlooked because they aren’t heavily promoted, fanboy blockbusters? What about independent films?

An independent movie is characterized as being produced by an independent production company, not a major film studio, and having a lower budget. These movies are much less marketed and tend to be in limited release in order to attract smaller specialty audiences through word of mouth instead of TV spots and other promos.

Arizona may not always be on the limited release list for these independent movies that tend to usually hit Los Angeles and New York first, but our state has been blessed with the presence of more than a few independent movie theaters that are showing some of these more artsy films year round including Harkins Camelview 5, MADCAP Theaters in Tempe, and Harkins Valley Art.

So in addition to checking out those much anticipated summer blockbusters, let’s also check out the well-reviewed indie flicks that hit theaters this season.

Here is the Top 5 list of Independent Movies in theaters this Summer:

5. Submarine (In Limited Release June 3rd)

4. The Tree of Life (In Limited Release NOW)

3. Small Town Murder Songs (Playing at Harkins Valley Art NOW)

2. Beginners (In Limited Release June 3rd)

1. Everything Must Go (In Most Theaters NOW)

Do you want to go see any of these movies? Or know of any other indie summer movies worth checking out?
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