Top Inexpensive At-Home Career Ideas For 2011

Top Inexpensive At-Home Career Ideas For 2011

As unemployment rates continues to rise people have turned to doing things themselves, including working for themselves. There are numerous opportunities to being your own boss and working from home.

Below is a list of inexpensive at-home businesses that can be started up with minimal cost. Whether you will depend on this income or just want a part-time job, these are the best opportunities to explore.

Personal Trainer/NutritionistTop Inexpensive At Home Career Ideas For 2011

As people become more health conscious and chose to loose weight they turn to a professional to help them make eating and health decisions. A two-month course can be completed to receive a fitness and nutrition degree from Penn Foster College. Creating a Facebook page to advertise can bring in clientele for no price at all.

Tax Professional

Learning how to prepare and file taxes can seem like a semi-annual job. In actuality, tax professionals are needed all year long, especially for small businesses and professionals with a lot of assets. Creating a free website, with companies like WordPress, can help advertise your skills and save you money.


Although the economy is down, there are those that still need quality pictures taken at a decent price. All you need is a good camera, such as a Nikon, a class or two on photography, and you can create your own business.

Online Retail

If you have good organization, can afford to buy or make things in bulk and have a computer at home, you can create your own online store. Purchase things that people can’t get at their local store but would like to have or need and create a website with a paypal so the items can be purch

ased. Keep track of how much inventory you have so you don’t get behind on orders. This is an at-home job that requires more time than others so be sure this is something you can spend time doing.


If you have a house, no felonies and love children, you can have an in-home childcare. Minimal money is required to start this career path. All you have to do is purchase toys for children in the age range you choose to watch. Sign up with your local childcare office to get licensed and start accepting children. You will be surprised how many parents would rather have their children in an in-home childcare than a center. Be sure to check with your local childcare or DES agencies; each state has its own requirements.

Social Network for MomsTop Inexpensive At Home Career Ideas For 2011

As moms decide to stay home and raise their children they are getting hooked on social media. Creating a website, such as Social Media Mom were mothers can communicate about their everyday issues, can create you money. Give tips, tell about deals and charge for a monthly membership. A site that is engaging and helpful will attract moms, dads and business professionals.

Event Planning

If you have a talent or passion for organizing weddings or parties, then event planning could be for you. Some people want a great social function or get-together but don’t have the time to plan it. Being able to multi-task, budget and have people skills is a must. This is a home based position, but it requires interacting with other people. Create a free website, advertise with Facebook or other social media and pay nothing out of pocket. Get a deposit prior to starting work on any function. Showcase past events by asking permission to post pictures on your website. Others will want to see your work.

As you journey through your decision on what type of career will work for you, keep in mind that there is a special talent in everyone and if yours was not listed here, find it. Be an entrepreneur, and be your own boss.

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  1. Mzda

    How are you saying photography is inexpensive? Do you have ANY idea how much a “good” camera will cost you? And what are you going to attach to the camera to take the picture….cause you’re going to have to shell out money for a few lenses, too.

    Easy to start a business, sure. If you want one that isn’t legit and provides a crap service.

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