Keep an eye out for these Arizona wineries opening soon.

Upcoming Arizona Wineries

Love wine? Like to try out new companies and products? You’re in luck, in addition to the wineries already open around Arizona the following wineries will be opening soon.

Northern Arizona

Clear Creek Vineyard & Winery
4053 E. Hwy 260, Camp Verde
(928) 567-2158


Hannah’s Hill Vineyard & Winery
Elgin – visits by appointment only

San Pedro Valley Vineyard

Venado Cola Blanca
(520) 394-0239

Southeastern Arizona

Sierra Bonita Vineyard
(602) 202-5345

Broken Glass Vineyard and Winery Estates

Golden Rule Vineyards

Erath’s Cimarron Vineyard

Lawrence Dunham Vineyards
13771 Fountain Hills Blvd. Suite 360, Fountain Hills
(602) 320-1485

Gallifant Cellars

Odyssey Cellars
8401 Bell Ranch Rd., Wilcox

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Arizona Wineries

  1. Brian Predmore

    There are a lot of Wineries in Northern Arizona and Vineyards. Alcantara Vineyards has 20+ Acres of vines and is located on the Verde River. There is a Water to Wine Activity put on by Sedona Adventures, that you can Kayak down the Verde River and end up pulling ashore at Alcantara Vineyards! Great property to take pictures, taste Arizona Wines, and enjoy the day!

    Also if you are in the mood to taste the different wines that Northern Arizona has, you can taste all these wineries listed below;

    Alcantara Vineyards (Cottonwood)
    Granite Creek (Chino Valley)
    Jerome Winery (Jerome)
    Page Springs Cellars (Cornville)
    Javelina Leap (Cornville)
    Oak Creek (Cornville)
    Arizona Stronghold (Cottonwood)
    Caduceus Cellas (Cornville)

    I know Ranking Arizona has a map of the Arizona Wineries: Southeast Arizona under your Arizona List, but it would be great to have a map like that of the Northern Arizona Wineries also!

    Love your articles and the Arizona Businesses you promote!

  2. Tim Maas

    Take the Mystique out of wine with fun fast paced wine education.

    Learn in the comfort of your own home and then bring your new found knowledge out on the town.

    The wine industry has done a disservice to Wine Lovers everywhere in making the ritual of wine snooty.

    No more British accents, classical music and wine snobbery. By the way I like british accents and classical music but not in the way it imbibes in making wine tasting a mystical event only to be enjoyed by the Haute Couture.

    Wine is Fun…Food is Fun…

    Get your fun on…especially with the ever moving Arizona wine scene.

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