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Summer’s must-have accessory

The must-have accessory this summer is not the newest Coach purse or the recently released Jimmy Choo wedges, it is not even a designer brand, though design is important. We’re talking about nail art. Even though it’s a small accessory, it has been making a big splash here in Arizona and on the red carpet. Nail art is what you need to complete any and every look this summer. Whether the designs are lines, polka-dots, objects, words or bright colors, it is what every fashionista needs to finish her one-of-a-kind look.

The specialists at 20 Lounge Boutique Nail Bar in Scottsdale has become so popular that they are not only growing here in Arizona but are also starting to pop up in California. Customers are treated to champagne during their treatments, which include professional waxing and facials.

Courtesy of 20 Lounge Nail Bar

Courtesy of 20 Lounge Nail Bar

This summer, the popular colors are bright orange and pink. Chevron nails, which are the zig-zagging lines, have become very big and even celebrities like Katy Perry often wear these funky designs on the red carpet.  Symmetric and asymmetric lines are also hitting it big this season along with nautical themes for beach getaways or cruise line vacations. The most recent trend to pop up is sport themes, whether it is simply the team colors or getting crazy by having the team logo painted on your nails. Now that baseball is in season 20 Lounge is looking to help its customers show off their D-back spirit. The technicians have also noticed that one of the new nail fashion crazes is to hombre the color of their customers’ finger nails and/or toe nails.


How to extend the life of your manicure:

Get gel or shellac nails

Courtesy of 20 Lounge Nail Bar

Courtesy of 20 Lounge Nail Bar

They will last about 14 days compared to a regular plain polish manicure, which will only last about two to three days before they start to chip. The gel and shellac nails are designed to last longer and are harder to chip.  To keep manicures looking fresh it is recommended that they are redone about every 14 days and pedicures should be refreshed about once a month.

Be aware you have a manicure
It may sound obvious, but when cleaning house, doing dishes or simple yard work, it is easy to forget about the beautiful manicure you just got. It is best, when doing these tasks, to wear gloves in order to prevent chipping or cracking in the polish. It is also important to keep applying top coat to the polish even after your manicure. This will help keep the polish strong.