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Amenzone Fitness Announces Ten Franchise Locations in California

Amenzone Fitness has confirmed the sale of 10 franchise locations in the greater Los Angeles area including West Hollywood, Westwood, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.

After five years of success in Arizona, Amenzone is on track to take over California with multiple new facilities opening between 2013-2014. Following in the footsteps of corporate locations in Arizona (North Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Old Town Scottsdale), founder Amenhas decided to take his back-to-basics workout facilities to the Los Angeles metropolitan area including neighboring beaches. Founded by the simple philosophy that “True healthcare is self-care,” Amenzone’s natural system of training guides members of all ages through each and every step of their workout routines.

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“The way Amenzone started was really more of a movement than anything else,” said Iseghohi. “Arizona may have sparked it, but everything that has happened since then has added more fuel to the fire. When you visit the beaches in California and witness the fitness mentality of the people there, it just makes perfect sense as a next step for our franchise. I’m very excited to get out there and make L.A. part of our family.”

Unlike traditional gyms, you won’t find weights, machines or even mirrors at Amenzone but instead, recycled tires, sandbags, boxing bags, pull up bars and sledge hammers. This approach to fitness promotes a natural form of body movements and is complimented by Amenzone’s intrinsic motivational training style, leaving members not only physically strong, but mentally strong as well. Amenzone’s tagline reads, “Training for Life” and one would say Amenzone is indeed just that, a training facility… for life!

The fitness company is constantly seeking new promotional opportunities, and, while Amenzone looks forward to the addition of the new California locations in the coming months, the possibility of expanding to other major cities such as New York and Miami looms on the horizon. As word spreads of this unconventional approach to self-care, people are lining up to become a part of the back-to-basics, tire-based culture that is Amenzone Fitness.

In addition to the atmosphere that makes Amenzone unique, it is also affordable, with relatively low start up fees and membership costs. The normal class sessions consist of boxing, yoga and the original primal routine. Personal training is offered as well.

Amenzone Fitness is a back-to-basics primal approach for all ages where you won’t find weights, machines or even mirrors in the facility but instead, recycled tires. This style of training promotes a natural way of moving that leaves the client with a positive outlook, more energy and a physically fit body. It’s success has led to the Amenzone Fitness “Training for Life” tour, which takes the tire-based workout on the road, with a live DJ, to promote franchise opportunities at cities across the U.S. The tour also aims to bring awareness to The Amenzone Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization developed to fight childhood obesity through improved self-esteem, proper nutrition and fitness. The program encourages children to gain a better understanding about nutrition and to engage in more physical activity.

Old Tires Supercharge ‘Primal’ Fitness Company

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates there are at least 275 million scrap tires in stockpiles throughout the nation. In Arizona alone, some 4.5 million scrap tires are disposed of annually. Although approximately 4 million tires are moved out of landfills in a fairly short amount of time — thanks to a tire recycling program the legislation passed in 1990 — hundreds of thousands of tires are still left to pile up each year. This presents undesirable issues, attracting mosquitoes and vermin, contaminating runoff water, and causing potential fire threats due to tires’ high flammability, which emits dangerous chemicals into the air.

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How to solve such a dire tire predicament? A London-born fitness enthusiast found another use for old car tires while visiting his grandmother in West Africa as a child. Amen Iseghohi, founder of amenZone Fitness Training in downtown Phoenix says his grandmother “didn’t like lazy”, so he and his sister played with tires for exercise. It was then he discovered “primal” workouts using old tires. “You can work every muscle in your body with a tire,” Iseghohi says, “and it’s a natural movement that your body is used to, which minimizes the potential for injuries and yields impressive physical results.”

What Iseghohi learned in Africa stuck with him for years. In fact, this former junior professional rugby player used tires to stay in shape while his fellow teammates were in the gym. “You don’t need expensive gym equipment,” confirms Iseghohi. “Why not re-use something that is piling up in landfills, costs less money and can be used in a park, a home and at a fitness studio in group classes? amenZone is founded on a ‘back to the basics’ philosophy where spirituality and the body are not separate, but one; simplifying exercise routines can be even more effective if executed correctly.”

Just how primal is it? Tires are dirty, but the EPA confirms the safety of old tires, stating: “There is no current evidence showing that products containing recycled rubber from scrap tires substantially increases the threat to human health and the environment.”

amenZone Dual Passions
Growing landfills weren’t the only detrimental issues Iseghohi saw. He hoped to parlay environmental concerns with his true passion – tackling childhood obesity. Statistics from the William J. Clinton Foundation, such as “nearly 25 million children are overweight or obese” and “92 percent of elementary schools don’t have daily physical education classes year-round” deeply touched him.

Naturally, Iseghohi began a “back to the basics” exercise approach in a grassroots fashion – literally! He led exercise classes for children using old car tires at Cactus Park in Scottsdale (which have now turned into family classes). “The kids love the classes because they’re fun. They get to move around and see the physical benefits that come from living an active lifestyle,” Iseghohi says.

He also adds that children who set a standard for a complete healthy lifestyle, that is, eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly at a young age are likely to maintain those habits through adulthood. On the contrary, Peoples-Health.com estimates that “more than 70 percent of obese adolescents retain their overweight and obese condition even during their adulthood.”

Iseghohi’s goal is to bring tires from landfills to public schools for a low-budget fitness class. He believes combining the sustainable benefit of reducing the piles of tires and the health advantage of keeping kids active are the perfect match. When asked about his long-term vision, he simply states, “to change the world one city at a time.”