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Arcosanti founder Soleri dies

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Italian-born architect Paolo Soleri, who began building a futuristic community called Arcosanti north of Phoenix more than 40 years ago but never completed it, died Tuesday. He was 93. Officials of the Cosanti Foundation said Soleri died of natural causes at his Paradise Valley home. Soleri broke ground on Arcosanti in 1970 on the basalt… Read More →

Top 5: Uniquely Arizona Adventures (Fall-Winter 2012)

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The Top 5 Uniquely Arizona Adventures — as voted on by Experience AZ readers: Besh-Ba-Gowah 1324 Jess Hayes Rd., Globe, AZ 85501 (928) 425-0320 Visitors walk through a 700-year-old Salado Culture pueblo, climb ladders to second story rooms and view the typical furnishings of the era. Artifacts are also displayed in the Besh-Ba-Gowah Museum. Hubbell… Read More →

Experience The Wind At Cosanti Originals

Cosanti Windbells
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As visitors enter Cosanti Originals, they are met by the sounds of hammers and metal saws. Famed architect, artist and philosopher Paolo Soleri and his students built the Cosanti gallery in the 1950s. Soleri, who retired from the Cosanti Foundation last year, has created notable destinations around Arizona, including Arcosanti, which is a series of… Read More →

Top 5: Uniquely Arizona (Spring-Summer 2012)

Top 5 Uniquely Arizona (Spring-Summer 2012)

The Top 5 Uniquely Arizona — as voted on by Experience AZ readers: Arcosanti HC 74, Box 4136, Mayer, AZ 86333 928-632-7135 In 1970, the Cosanti Foundation began building Arcosanti, an experimental town in the high desert of Arizona, 70 miles north of metropolitan Phoenix. When complete, Arcosanti will house 5,000 people, demonstrating ways… Read More →

Architectural Achievements – Arizona's Centennial

Architecutral Achievements - AZRE Magazine November/December 2011
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Arizona’s Architectural Achievements Masterpieces of style and design have graced Arizona’s diverse landscape for the past 100 years. Maybe it’s the year-round beautiful weather, or perhaps the diversity of the state itself. No matter the reason, Arizona has undeniably mastered architectural innovation and splendor. Over the past 100 years, buildings of every purpose and design… Read More →