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Medtronic’s Gordon Steere earns AZBio Pioneer Award

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.36.02 AM copyGordon Steere, who led Medtronic Tempe from 1997 -2008, has been selected as the recipient of the 2015 AZBio Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Arizona BioIndustry Association.

“During a period of rapid growth and innovation across our industry, Gordon Steere led the Medtronic team in the creation of one of the leading life science microelectronic centers in the world” said Joan Koerber-Walker, president and CEO of AZBio. “Thanks to his vision, leadership and commitment to growing Medtronic’s presence within our life science community, today the Medtronic Tempe Campus spans over 30 acres and includes over 400,000 square feet of state-of-the-art design, development and manufacturing facilities.”

A ceremony honoring Gordon Steere will take place at the AZBio Awards on October 1, 2015 at the Phoenix Convention Center. The AZBio Awards ceremony celebrates Arizona’s leading educators, innovators and companies. Each year, AZBio honors bioindustry leaders from across the state of Arizona who are illustrative of the depth, breadth and expertise of our bioscience industry.

Beginning in 1973 as Medtronic Micro-Rel, today’s campus began as a single manufacturing facility that had previously been owned by Motorola.  Under Steere’s leadership, the campus was expanded five times helping it to reach the level of scale and sophistication that it is at today.

Medtronic Tempe is a vertically integrated manufacturing site and technology center for the world’s leading medical technology company and focuses on analog and mixed signal integrated circuit design and fabrication with a focus on ultra-low power and power management devices to support Medtronic’s global life science portfolio.

This commitment to innovation has resulted in over 190 patents by local team members and over 800 employees at Medtronic Tempe. They design, develop, manufacture and test microelectronics solutions used in Medtronic implantable devices, such as cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators, devices that help patients with diabetes manage their insulin levels safely and effectively, spinal cord stimulators for pain management and deep brain stimulators that address movement disorders.   The world’s smallest pacemaker, the MicraTM Transcatheter Pacing system, and other products leveraging Medtronic’s expertise in miniaturization are also manufactured at the site.  The site produces over 1,000,000 units annually and enables approximately 20% of Medtronic’s $27.8 B revenue.

Gordon advocated for the value that the Tempe Campus’  “connected capabilities” provided to Medtronic, inspiring every employee to support Medtronic’s growth.  Even today, as a legacy coach, his dedication to the organization’s success remains.  Gordon’s steady leadership has inspired employees to reach their full potential, contributing to Medtronic’s Mission through developing new products and world class manufacturing processes.

Past recipients of the AZBio Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement include:  Roy Curtiss, III, Ph.D.  of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University,  David S. Alberts, M.D., Director Emeritus at the Arizona Cancer Center, Raymond L. Woosley, M.D., Ph.D.,  Chairman Emeritus of the Critical Path Institute, and Thomas M. Grogan, M.D., founder of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

For registration and more information about the AZBio Awards, go to www.azbioawards.com.

Arizona Cancer Center

ABA Project Profiles: Arizona’s Finest

Arizona Builders Alliance is a partnership between the Arizona chapters of the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) and the Building Chapter Associated General Contractors (AGC). It represents more than 250 contractors, suppliers and professional service firms in the commercial construction industry. Here are spotlight projects its members have been working on this year.

Airport I-10
Airport I-10_MG_1397And4more_MG_1397And4moreDeveloper: Wentworth Property Company
General Contractor: Wespac Construction
Architect: Butler Design Group
Location: Phoenix
Size: 604,658 SF
Brokerage: Rio Salado Commerce Park LLC
Value: $23M
Subcontractors: Suntec and Kortman Electric
Interesting fact: Consisted of three, Class-A industrial facilities on a 58 acre brownfield site.

Arizona Cancer Center
Developer: University of Arizona
General Contractor: Hensel Phelps
Architect: ZGF
Location: Phoenix
Size: 213,649 SF
Value: $88M
Start/Complete: June 2013 to May 2015
Interesting fact: Stakeholders include UA, City of Phoenix and Dignity Health

Canyon Vista Medical Center_01CanyonVista_1Canyon Vista Medical Center
Developer: RegionalCare Hospital Partners
General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction
Architect: Gould Turner Group Architects
Location: Sierra Vista
Size: 176KSF
Value: $55M
Start/Complete: December 2013 to March 2015
Subcontractors: General Air Control, JE Dunn Construction, Sun Mechanical Contracting, Suntec Concrete, Wilson Electric
Interesting fact: Local subcontractor outreach strategies allowed for $31.5M of the total $42.1M subcontractor commitment to be awarded to southeastern Arizona subcontractors.

College Avenue Commons_ASU CAC Video WallCollege Avenue Commons
Developer: Arizona Board of Regents
General Contractor: Okland Construction
Architects: Gensler; Architekton
Location: Tempe
Size: 137KSF
Value: $54.5M
Completed: July 2014
Subcontractors: Audio Video Resources

Comerica Bank BC
Developer: CBRE
Comerica 3General Contractor: Caliente Construction Inc.
Architect: PM Design Group
Location: Peoria
Size: 2,500 SF
Value: $1M
Start/Complete: June to November 2014
Subcontractors: True Metal Solutions
Interesting fact: The building’s east elevation features a “dynamic glazing” system that transitions from light to dark with the intensity of the sun.

DC Ranch Clubhouse
DC Ranch Clubhouse_214-80-08Developer: The Country Club at DC Ranch
General Contractor: Wespac Construction
Architect: PHX Architecture; SB Design, LLC
Size: 9,500 SF
Value: $2M
Start/Complete: January to November 2014
Interesting fact: Awarded Best Clubhouse renovation of 2014 by Golf, Inc. Project included a patio extension and complete interior renovation.

IHS San Carlos
Developer: San Carlos Apache Tribe
General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
Architect: Rhode May Keller McNamara Architecture PC
Location: Peridot
Size: 184KSF
Value: $85M
Start/Complete: December 2009 to November 2014
Subcontractors: Delta Diversified, Performance Contracting
Interesting fact: More than 50 percent of the labor was performed by tribal members and included a high school program

Liberty Center at Rio Salado_Y5A8559Liberty Center at Rio Salado
Developer: Liberty Property Trust
General Contractor: Wespac Construction Inc.
Architect: RSP Architects
Location: Tempe
Size: 160KSF (Bldgs. 1 and 2)
Value: $30M
Start/Complete: August 2013 to May 2015
Subcontractors: Suntec, Wholesale Flooring, DP Electric
Interesting fact: This is the first two of eight possible structures, including four parking structures.

Paradise Valley High School renovationParadise Valley High School renovations
Developer: Paradise Valley Unified School District
General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies
Location: Phoenix
Size: 60KSF
Value: $15M
Start/Complete: May 2013 to July 2015
Subcontractors: Pueblo Mechanical, Schuff Steel, JENCO, Stone Cold Masonry
Interesting fact: This project is being built on an occupied campus and includes covered temporary safety walkways the students were able to paint.

Pima County Courthouse 4-6-15 (5)Pima County Courthouse & Parking Garage
Developer: General Contractor: Sundt Construction
Architect: AECOM
Location: Tucson
Size: 290KSF
Value: $92.75M
Start/Complete: February 2012 to April 2015
Subcontractors: Coreslab Structures, Sun Mech., Wilson Electric
Interesting fact: This building was originally intended to house the Pima County and Tucson courts. Tucson pulled out in December 2012.

Regency House Condominium Phase I and II Structural and Utility Infrastructure Upgrades
Regency House 3Developer: N/A
General Contractor: Caliente Construction Inc.
Architect: Gervasio and Associates
Location: Peoria
Size: 215KSF
Value: $6.4M
Start/Complete: May 2011 to October 2014
Subcontractors: Jones Concrete and Progressive Roofing
Interesting fact: Repairs encompassed eight years. Construction was completed in two phases, over four years, funded completely by individual condominium homeowners, during the depression.

Saint Xavier UniversitySaint Xavier University
Developer: Town of Gilbert
General Contractor: Okland Construction
Architect: SmithGroupJJR
Location: Gilbert
Size: 87KSF
Value: $30M
Start/Complete: July 2014 to August 2015
Subcontractors: Comfort Systems, Progressive Roofing, Kearney Electric
Interesting fact: Fast track programming, design and approved GMP within five months from start date.

Developer: OliverMcMillan
General Contractor: Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Architect: Todd & Associates
Size: 497KSF
Value: $39M
Start/Complete: August 2014 to March 2016
Subcontractors: Suntec Concrete
Interesting fact: SALT is a four-story, 264-unit, class-A apartment community with direct frontage on Tempe Town Lake.

Talking Stick_IMG_1834Talking Stick Resort Pool Remodel, Phase II
Developer: Salt River Gaming Enterprise, a division of Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community
General Contractor: The PENTA Building Group
Architect: FFKR Architects
Location: Scottsdale
Size: 5400 SF
Value: WND
Start/Complete: November 2014 to April 2015
Subcontractors: Performance Contracting, Inc, Total Shade, LLC, W.J. Maloney Plumbing
Interesting fact: The project has an operable DJ booth that raises from a below grade pit to three feet above grade though the use of a spiral lifting system.

The Village at Aspen PlaceThe Village at Aspen Place
Developer: The Village at Aspen Place LLC
General Contractor: Wespac Construction
Architect: NSPJ Architects
Location: Flagstaff
Size: 344,144 SF
Value: $37M
Start/Complete: April 2014 to December 2015
Subcontractors: Coreslab Structures
Interesting fact: This is the main housing component for the The Village center in Flagstaff. The multi-housing project consists of 226 units and 33KSF of retail.

AZBio Pioneer Honoree Roy Curtiss, III, Ph.D. of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. Photo Courtesy of ASU.

AZBio honors ASU scientist Curtiss

Roy Curtiss, III, Ph.D., of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, has been selected as the recipient of the 2014 AZBio Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Arizona Bioindustry Association.

“During his career, Roy Curtiss has had a profound impact on microbiology research and been a true pioneer in developing salmonella-based vaccines that are effective against a range of infectious diseases, which are still the leading cause of worldwide death,” said Joan Koerber-Walker, president and CEO of AZBio. “His contributions since being recruited to Arizona a decade ago have continued unabated, and he is now on the cusp of bringing his remarkable discoveries to the marketplace.”

“Roy’s lifelong dedication and achievements in bioscience research, education and innovation are really quite remarkable, and his efforts have inspired countless life science careers,” said Biodesign Institute Executive Director Raymond DuBois, M.D., Ph.D. “His passion and commitment in taking on the challenges of combating infectious diseases and the impact he is having on urgent societal problems make him a stellar example of the translational research spirit of the Biodesign Institute.”

Curtiss was drawn to ASU President Michael Crow’s vision of a New American University and a new state-of-the-art research enterprise, the Biodesign Institute, which opened in 2004. Shortly after arriving at ASU, Curtiss received the largest support of his career, more than $15.4 million from the Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He has also received generous and continued support from the National Institutes of Health throughout his career.

Curtiss’ primary focus is alleviating worldwide suffering and death from infectious diseases, particularly in the developing world. At Biodesign, he directs the Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, where he oversees a 130-member research team working on more than a dozen projects. He is also a professor in ASU’s School of Life Sciences and a member of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences.

One of his major projects is development of a next-generation vaccine against bacterial pneumonia. Bacterial pneumonia kills more children around the world each year than any other infectious disease, and the rising costs of vaccines has spurred researchers to develop new solutions. Curtiss and his global team are trying to perfect a safe, yet potent vaccine to fight pneumonia and can be tolerated even by newborn babies — and orally administered as a single-dose, low-cost solution. If successful, the new vaccine against bacterial pneumonia promises to outperform existing injectable vaccine in terms of safety, affordability, ease of distribution and effectiveness.

Preliminary studies have been successful, and the vaccine technology has moved forward to human clinical trials. In addition, his team is also targeting vaccine development for a host of other diseases, and to protect poultry and livestock against a broad range of bacterial marauders.

Before coming to ASU in 2004, Curtiss was the George William and Irene Keochig Freiberg professor of biology at Washington University in St. Louis, where he chaired the Department of Biology for ten years. His body of published work includes more than 250 reviewed articles. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a doctorate from the University of Chicago.

A ceremony honoring Curtiss will take place at the AZBio Awards on September 17, 2014 at the Phoenix Convention Center. The AZBio Awards ceremony celebrates Arizona’s leading educators, innovators and companies. Each year, AZBio honors bioindustry leaders from across the state of Arizona who are illustrative of the depth, breadth and expertise of our bioscience industry.

Past recipients of the AZBio Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement include: David S. Alberts, M.D., Director Emeritus at the Arizona Cancer Center, Raymond L. Woosley, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman Emeritus of the Critical Path Institute, and Thomas M. Grogan, M.D., founder of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.

For registration and more information, go to www.azbio.awards.com.


Arizona Center for Cancer Care, Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists at Scottsdale Healthcare

In an effort to enhance the radiation oncology services offered to the community, Scottsdale Healthcare is pleased to announce a long-term relationship with Arizona Center for Cancer Care (AZCCC), a multi-specialty group of Arizona’s most recognizable names in cancer treatment and technology.  Through this, AZCCC has opened facilities at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare, and will now be providing radiation oncology services at both its Shea Medical Center and Osborn Medical Center locations. Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists (ABCS), AZCCC’s partner focused solely on caring for breast cancer patients, will also now provide services as part of this relationship.

“We welcome AZCCC to both our campuses and are excited for the opportunity to work together with them to provide exceptional oncology care to our community,” said Lindsay Thomas, director of oncology for Scottsdale Healthcare.
Throughout the early summer, AZCCC and ABCS have been focused on completing a renovation to its new radiation oncology facility at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center in order to accommodate the expected increased volume of patients and to bring leading-edge cancer care technology to Scottsdale Healthcare. Now complete and open to patients, facility renovations include:

· More than doubling the number of exam rooms in the department
· The addition of RapidArc Stereotactic Radiosurgery as a treatment option, which will allow for short courses of high-dose radiation for the first time ever at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center
· The installation of a new iX Linear Accelerator manufactured by Varian, the industry leader in radiation equipment, capable of delivering precision Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) with daily image guidance therapy
“IMRT utilizes special imaging and treatment delivery techniques to define the size, shape and location of the tumor as well as normal tissue. It allows us to precisely design the radiation beams to the size and shape of the patient’s tumor while avoiding normal organs,” said Dr. Farley Yang, a partner at AZCCC and member of the Scottsdale Healthcare medical staff for over 10 years.

Dr. Yang was one of the first radiation oncologists in Arizona to successfully use IMRT. In addition, many of his patients have benefited from Stereotactic Radiosurgery procedures for both brain and body tumors, which is able to deliver high doses of pin-point radiation to small cancers in less than one week.

“We are excited to work closely with Scottsdale Healthcare administration and medical staff to build a world-class oncology program here in Scottsdale,” said Dr. Robert Kuske, co-founder of ABCS who is now working out of the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center fulltime.

Dr. Kuske

Dr. Kuske is the pioneer of breast brachytherapy, a five-day radiation therapy alternative for women with early stage breast cancer. External beam radiation therapy is safe and very effective, but can take six weeks of daily treatment. Breast brachytherapy, or partial breast irradiation (PBI), has been researched and tested by Dr. Kuske since 1991 as a treatment method after lumpectomy. He has advanced the techniques and technology, and championed the research.

Today, he is co-principal investigator in the largest breast cancer radiation trial in history. His trial, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, is testing head-to-head six-week whole breast radiation versus five-day PBI.

Joining Drs. Yang and Kuske at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center will be fellow radiation oncologist Dr. Luci Chen. In addition to serving as a fellow partner, Dr. Chen also brings experience from her time as clinical director of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital and as assistant professor of radiation oncology at the University of Chicago. She has also been awarded a Fellowship by the American Cancer Society for her clinical research in cancer care.

“We are committed to providing the best practices in radiation oncology at Scottsdale Healthcare, including RapidArc Stereotactic Radiosurgery, IMRT, Brachytherapy including PBI, as well as other services,” said Dr. Chen.

Dr. Diane C. Recine, who is currently a member of the Scottsdale Healthcare medical staff, has joined AZCCC and will continue to provide radiation oncology services at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center. In addition to her current role, Dr. Recine practiced at and served as director of residency programs for the Department of Radiation Oncology at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago and has both taught radiation oncology courses at the University of Chicago and has served as assistant professor of radiation oncology at Rush Medical College.

For more information, please visit www.arizonaccc.com.

Medical School

Medical School In Phoenix Has Its Largest Class

Eighty students will arrive this week for classes at the University of Arizona’s medical school in Phoenix.

Those students represent the largest class since the university’s College of Medicine established a downtown Phoenix campus five years ago.

The students soon will share the newly opened health sciences education building with Northern Arizona University students studying to become physical therapists and physician assistants.

The campus is scheduled to expand later this year with the groundbreakings of a 250,000-square-foot University of Arizona Cancer Center and a privately funded biotech lab next to the building anchored by the Translational Genomics Research Institute and International Genomics Consortium.

The Arizona Cancer Center is slated to become the campus’ first clinical presence with a scheduled groundbreaking later this year.

For more information on University of Arizona’s medical school, visit their website medicine.arizona.edu.

Construction Project News - AZRE Magazine November/December 2010

Construction: Project News, November/December 2010

Construction project news around the state in November/December 2010:

D.L. Withers General Contractor at McCormick Railroad Park

Construction of a 10,000 SF, $2.1M exhibit building at McCormick Stillman Railroad Park on the SEC of Indian Bend and Scottsdale roads is nearing completion. The new building is adjacent to the parking lot and within close proximity to historic depots and restored railroad cars. Building materials include exposed rock and steel structural elements. Also, a recycled decking material similar to wood has been added to create a platform for the building. The project is designed to meet City of Scottsdale green standards for LEED Gold certification. D.L. Withers Construction is the general contractor; Holly Street Studio is the architect.

Pinal Power to Build ‘Green’ Electricity Facility

Pinal Power plans to build a facility in the City of Maricopa that will generate 30 megawatts of electric power fueled by landscape and agricultural waste. To construct the facility, Pinal Power will make a $92M capital investment, creating up to 120 construction jobs from mid-2011 through 2012. The facility will be located along the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway, to the west of the existing Pinal Energy Ethanol Plant. Western Bio-Energy is the developer of the project, which is fully capitalized with an estimated timeline that includes permitting and development planning through the end of 2010.

Sundt, DWL Complete Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport Expansion

Phase I of terminal expansion at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport was completed in November, with Sundt Construction as general contractor and DWL the architect. The $8.9M, 30,000 SF project included expanding the airport’s passenger terminal by an additional two gates; adding commercial space (one gift shop and two cafes); relocating rental car counters and baggage claim; and expanding the post-security outdoor courtyard.

Hensel Phelps/ZGF Awarded Arizona Cancer Center Project

Design-build services were awarded to Hensel Phelps Construction Co. and ZGF Architects for the 249,000 SF Arizona Cancer Center on the University of Arizona’s Phoenix Biomedical Campus. The Arizona Cancer Center will house medical offices and cancer treatment facilities. Hensel Phelps also was awarded the Military Medical Emergency Simulation Training Suites tenant improvement at the Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Campus.

Weitz Co. Updates Wigwam Golf Resort & Spa

The Wigwam Golf Resort & Spa in Phoenix is undergoing a multimillion dollar facelift. JDM Partners, led by sports executive Jerry Colangelo, purchased the historic resort in December. The project is slated for completion by late 2010. Project highlights include a new entryway; a new main pool with separate adult and kids zones, two waterslides and play features; an outdoor plaza featuring dining and entertainment areas; an indoor/outdoor bar; and new event venues. Architect is Peterson Architecture and Associates; contractor is the Weitz Co. Jim Smith led the design team as a consultant.

$1.5M Construction Fix Up For Tucson Retail Center

Bear Canyon Shopping Center (above) in Tucson is undergoing a $1.5M exterior remodel project, the first renovation since it was built in 1983, at the NWC of Tanque Verde Rd. and Catalina Highway. The renovation includes a redesign of the property’s façade and interior improvements for a new Goodwill Super Store, which leased 14,765 SF within the center. General contractor is Division II Construction; architectural firms are SBBL and Architectural Design Group. Completion: 4Q 2010.

Spring Training Facility Opening in Three Months

Construction of the new spring training facility for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies is rolling along, as more than 97,000 SF of sod was installed at the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Opening date of the 140-acre site is scheduled for Feb. 1, 2011. The facility is at the Loop 101 and Indian Bend Rd. HKS Sports & Entertainment Group is the designer and Mortenson Construction is the general contractor. Subcontractors include Parsons Electric, Tri-City Mechanical, Trainor Glass, T-Pac, Valley Crest Landscaping and Space Con.

Homeland Security Building in Sells Remodeled, Expanded to 16,701 SF

Davis Enterprises and Indianola Partners have been awarded the General Services Administration lease for the Department of Homeland Security building in Sells. The existing 5,301 SF building is being remodeled and expanded to 16,701 SF for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Davis Enterprises negotiated a long-term ground lease with the Tohono O’odham Nation to develop the office building. The project will be completed in early 2011.

McShane Completing SCF Arizona TI Project

McShane Construction Co. is completing an 18,000 SF office and lobby improvement (above) of SCF Arizona’s existing office space and building common areas. The project, at 3030 N. 3rd St., Phoenix, includes updates to the first-floor office suite. The new Class A tenant space will include five private offices, two conference rooms, open work stations, four storage rooms, a kitchen/break room area, a mail distribution area, one mother’s room, one resting room, and a dedicated lobby/reception space with curved walls and floating panels. McShane is also renovating the building’s 4-story atrium lobby. Work is expected to be complete by 4Q 2010. MRT Design provided architectural services.


City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix Development Services Department began money-saving incentives to promote “green” construction in residential and commercial buildings on Oct. 1. The Green Building Incentives Program, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, offers reduced permit fees applicable to small- and large-scale improvement projects for the installation of energy efficient equipment, including Energy Star water heaters, solar panels, insulation, rainwater harvesting, HVAC, and more. A portion of the grant will fund the creation of a voluntary Green Building Code to be completed late 2011. For more information, visit phoenix.gov/devserv or call (602) 262-7811.

Maricopa County

Maricopa County has been in the public process of updating some of the 2009 building codes and fee schedule. These updates took effect Oct. 1. For more information, contact Tom Ewers, Head Building Official at (602) 506-7145.

AZRE Magazine November/December 2010