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ACU 50th Anniversary Celebration with President Bush

Arizona Christian University: New Name And 50th Anniversary With President Bush

Southwestern College, a private Phoenix-area Christian college, is now Arizona Christian University (ACU) – the name change a unanimous decision by the Board of Trustees, according to Len Munsil, president of Arizona Christian University.

“The name clearly identifies where we are and who we are,” said Munsil.

In addition to changing the name, ACU is expanding the number of degrees they will offer potential students, including political science, communications and biology.

“The reason to add additional degree programs is so that students who want to attend a Christian university but want to become scientists, doctors, public policy professionals or members of the media can do so and also receive a biblical foundation for their work,” said Munsil. “Now we are expanding to provide a Christian foundation for students who have other professional interests.”

ACU has also added new intercollegiate sports teams to its north Phoenix campus, including baseball.

With approximately 500 students currently attending ACU, Munsil hopes the changes will double the size of the student body over the next few years.

“We know that our students have a great experience, and we believe with greater exposure and degree programs many more students can benefit from a traditional, small college Christian education,” said Munsil.

This year also marks ACU’s 50th Anniversary. To celebrate, ACU is holding its first fundraiser under its new name. The 50th Anniversary celebration will take place March 16, 2011 at the Phoenix Convention Center at 7 p.m.

Former President George W. Bush will be the keynote speaker at the fundraiser. President Bush will be recognized and celebrated for his commitment to his faith during his presidency.

“We know he can speak anywhere in the world, and we are thankful he is willing to come to ACU,” said Munsil. “We think he is a great model of someone who was clear about his Christian faith during his public life, and we are trying to equip students to be leaders who incorporate their faith into everything they do.”

The 50th Anniversary celebration will allocate the funds raised toward increasing scholarships as well as upgrading and expanding the campus.

“[People should attend the 50th Anniversary celebration] to hear from a president whose faith shaped his public and private life and to support students and a university that fills a void for private, nonprofit Christian higher education in Arizona,” said Munsil.

For more information, please visit ACU’s website www.arizonachristian.edu or call 1.800.247.2697.

    If You Go:

    ACU’s 50th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser
    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 7 p.m.
    Phoenix Convention Center
    100 N. 3rd St.
    Downtown Phoenix
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