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Arizona’s growth may lead to land challenges

Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors
by in AZRE Magazine

Arizona may be the sixth-largest state in terms of size, but it has few big landowners and will face development challenges in the future because just 17 percent of its land is private. Most of the rest of the land is owned or held by the federal government, American Indian reservations and state government. But… Read More →

Using vision and analysis to shape Arizona land

Kuldip Verma’s product cannot to duplicated.  “We don’t make land any more,” said the CEO of Vermaland. “Most of our resources — food, oil, minerals, wood — come from the land. Everything comes out of land. As the population grows, there will be a lot of pressure on the land.”  When it comes to pressure,… Read More →

The changing face of development: Cheryl Lombard

Cheryl Lombard

If Valley Partnership is the voice of responsible development in the Valley, new CEO and President Cheryl Lombard is expected to be the deep breath behind it.  In mid-March, she transitioned from being director of government relations at The Nature Conservancy in Arizona to the leader of Valley Partnership. “We were looking for a transformative… Read More →

Video Contest: Grand Canyon Railway

Grand Canyon Railway, Arizona, Photo: Kristine Cannon
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It’s not just about the destination; the journey there is what makes it an unforgettable adventure. We’ve all heard this before, right? From point A to point B, departure to arrival, and everything in between should be just as exciting and eventful. And never before has this been more true than during my breathtaking and… Read More →

The Town of Superior Awaits Copper Mine Ruling

The residents of the Town of Superior are collectively holding their breaths as they wait for SB 409, the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act, to pass. Supported by Senators John McCain and John Kyl, as well as Gov.  Jan Brewer, SB 409 will essentially trade the Oak Flat Campground for various areas around… Read More →