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AZ News Roundup – Health & Wellness

Welcome to the AZ News Roundup for April 4th

This week we are focusing on information and services offered for the health and wellness of Arizona residence both in and outside the medical field. They cover resources and information that help improve the mental and physical health of many.


BODY WORLDS & The Brain I Quit! Anti-Smoking Campaign

Arizona Science Center's Anti-Smoking CampaignOn April 11th, the campaign against smoking in Arizona Science Center’s Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS & The Brain is offering free admission for any guest pledging to quit smoking. The American Lung Association and American Cancer Society will be on site to celebrate the launch and inform Arizona Science Center visitors in order to help guests become and stay a quitter. Read More >>


Holistic Healers Directory Offers Free Perks

Part of CloudNine Marketing, Inc., Hhdirectory.com and www.holsitichealingnews.com, is offering the opportunity to those in the field of integrative and alternative medicine to receive a free listing and publish articles pertaining to holistic health and wellness for free. Read More >>


Tucson’s AZ Pest Control Company Launches Pest ID App

AZ PEST, pest control itunes appAZ PEST provides a free app that allows you to simply take a snapshot of the insect or bug you want to identify then use the app to submit it to the Tucson-based pest control specialists, who will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. It is the first pest company in the U.S. to launch an app like this. Read More >>


Microbiology and Indoor Air Quality Testing Laboratory Expands

EMSL Analytical, Inc., a nationwide leader and local provider of indoor air quality, environmental, food and materials testing has recently moved to a new facility in Phoenix, AZ. The new facility will allow EMSL the ability to add additional service lines to its current offering of microbiology, mold, bacteria, legionella, asbestos and sewage contamination testing services. Read More >>


Oak Creek Ranch School’s 10 Tips For Parents

The Oak Creek Ranch School’s principal provides ten tips for parents to help their children with ADD/ADHD be successful in school. The school’s curriculum and programs are designed to help ADD/ADHD, under-motivated and underachieving teens, ages 12 to 18, accomplish their academic goals while developing valuable social and interpersonal skills. Read More >>

AZ News

AZ News Roundup – Business Innovations

Welcome to the AZ News Roundup for March 29th

This week, we focused our list on the provision of innovative services or products to the Arizona community. Companies are offering new technologies, environments and improvements on past products to promote efficiency and productivity to both businesses and consumers.

New Innovative Directory Service

VirtualdexVirtualdex is an innovative e-marketing resource bridging the gap between you and your online consumers. Their Promise: provide a user friendly environment allowing you to develop, brand and monetize through qualified traffic. Marketing, branding and advertising all obtained from one resource. Read More >>

Smaller Engines are the New Big Thing at Chapman Ford

Chapman Ford offers smaller engines while increasing fuel economy and horsepower. Arizona Ford customers will notice that the Ford Mustang and Ford F Series now provide the most dramatic examples of how new, smaller-displacement engines are delivering levels of performance that in the past could only be obtained with much larger engines. Read More >>

Truckload Carriers Have New Software from Ahern and Associates

Ahern and Associates has announced the completion of a new version of their acclaimed Financial I.Q. transportation software; this time for Truckload Carriers. Ahern’s new software for truckload carriers goes well beyond calculating only cost estimates or benchmarks, it also ensures that the revenues and costs in each P&L are the carrier’s actual numbers. Read More >>

Auto Repair Scheduling Software Helps Shops, Dealers Book Customers’ Summer Maintenance

Online scheduling software from Appointment-Plus is making it easier for auto repair shops, car dealership service centers and similar businesses to efficiently and effortlessly book new appointments. Because Appointment-Plus is Web-based, all that’s required to use the software is an Internet connection, with no downloads, installations, extra hardware or IT support needed. Read More >>

Column5 Consulting Releases Business Analytics Toolkit for the iPadColumn5, ipad case by Yutaka Tsutano

The Business Analytics Toolkit from Column5 provides a one-stop shop for users to gather information about SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications, showing how a company can realize increased organizational effectiveness through use of these solutions. The app is designed to provide the latest information on SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications, including customer stories and related events.  Read More >>