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Burton Barr library cafe opens to help autistic adults gain job skills

Burton Barr Library
by in AZ Business Magazine

Beneficial Beans inside the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix offers more than coffee. It offers adults with autism the chance to learn employment skills through an internship program. “Adults with autism who need employment skills come to us,” said Kate Thoene, social enterprise director of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center. “They’re with… Read More →

Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation awards $1.6M in grants

Sprouts Farmers Market today announced that the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation will award $1.6 million to nonprofit organizations that support health- and wellness-related causes this fall. The Foundation, which launched in 2015 and distributed $1.3 million to nonprofit organizations in its first year, focuses its giving in promoting health education and nutrition, food security and… Read More →

Paper Clouds Apparel Raises Money For Special Needs Schools, Organizations

Paper Clouds Apparel logo
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Five years ago in Northern California, one visit to his mother and a drawing displayed on her fridge was all it took to spawn the idea for the Phoenix-based T-shirts company Paper Clouds Apparel (PCA). “(She) had a drawing on her fridge that really caught my eye,” says Robert Thornton, founder of PCA. “She told… Read More →