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Relieve Stress Through Reflexology

Reflexology is a study of the feet and how specific points on the feet relate to specific parts of the body. Through reflexology, the nerve endings in the feet are stimulated, which can help to relieve stress, improve blood supply, unblock nerve impulses and help to achieve a balance of the flow of energy throughout the body.

There are many ways to relieve stress in the body through the soles of the feet. Pressing on all the parts of the foot — called “walking the zones” — can stimulate the nerves of the feet that run all the way up through the body. This stimulation can improve circulation, bringing more oxygen to parts of the body and encouraging relaxation.

One of my favorite points to hold on the feet is the solar plexus. In the body, this is the bundle of nerves that is found behind the stomach and in front of the diaphragm and extends throughout the abdominal cavity. On the foot, it is located just below the ball of the foot in the middle where you can feel a slight indentation. The solar plexus is one of the main attack points of family-related stress.

At the end of a reflexology session, I hold this point on each foot until my thumbs feel an even steady pulse. Sometimes it can take a while before this pulse comes together. When it does, it indicates that the energy flowing throughout the body is balanced. For many of my clients, this hold is very relaxing.

Some other benefits of massaging and holding this point include assisting with regular breathing, relieving nervous disorders, insomnia, allergies, asthma, skin irritations, and maybe the best benefit of all is that it has been known to help young children fall asleep.

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Frequencies-R-Us – Healing Through The Mind-Body Connection

Being able to release the frequencies of unhealthy emotions is where true healing begins.

When I was about 10 years old, I was fascinated by a TV show that was on channel 8, our local Public Broadcasting Station. I remember they showed a chicken and then they took the DNA of the chicken and somehow analyzed the sequence of the DNA and played it on a violin. I don’t know how they figured that out, but I remember that the music was beautiful and I wondered, “Is that what God sounded like when he spoke the chicken into existence?” Maybe He sang it into existence. Maybe He sung us into existence. I wonder what we might have sounded like as God sung us into existence.

As I pondered these thoughts, I started thinking about sound waves and light waves and how we can’t see them, but they affect us. I later read about how we are made up of frequencies and that everything resonates at a certain frequency. Different states of health have a frequency as do different kinds of sickness. Emotions also have frequencies that correspond to the different states of health and disease. The phrase, “as a man thinks, so is he” makes a lot of sense when you realize the connection between our thoughts and emotions and our bodies, the “mind body connection.”

I’ve been told that every disease has an emotional component attached to it and to completely heal, we need to become aware of the negative emotion, or more accurately the “decision” we made based on our thoughts and emotions, that is at the root of the disease. As healing begins in our bodies when we eat specific herbs and foods, remember that there is also an emotional component that quite likely began the disease process. Once we realize what that emotion is and are able to release it through forgiveness or whatever process we use to let it go, the frequency of that thought and emotion that matched the frequency of the sickness that was affecting us no longer has influence over us and our health. Healing our emotions is where true healing begins.

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