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Jackie Wright becomes 1st female president of AZIMA

The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) has announced that Jackie Wright has been elected as the first female president in the organization’s six-year history, along with 18 new board members.

Wright will lead the association in AZIMA’s mission of facilitating the understanding and application of interactive marketing and best practices amongst valley marketing professionals. The association’s main focus going into this board term will be to help businesses, educational institutions and students keep up with the ever-changing interactive landscape. Other areas of focus will be networking, community engagement and leadership training.

“I’ve been an AZIMA board member for the past three years and am honored to take on this position,” said Wright. “It’s thrilling to be a part of an organization that encompasses such a wide range of talented individuals. I look forward to helping our members prepare for a marketing world that is constantly changing and evolving.”

Wright, who is also the president and founder of Rainmaker Integrated, a Scottsdale-based marketing firm, has held several senior level positions with local Arizona agencies and national corporations. In her professional experience, she has created and implemented public relations and marketing strategies for notable clients including; Macy’s Department Stores, Streets of New York Restaurants, Fisher & Phillips LLP, Arizona Medical Training Institute General Motors, and many more.

AZIMA is lead by a seasoned board of directors made up of industry experts and leaders from various top-ranking agencies and brands around Arizona. The new 2015/16 board of directors includes Tom Guilfoy finance chair, Srini Vasan sponsorships chair, Joe Sinkwitz memberships chair, Sean Rogers programs and events chair, Scott Samele marketing chair, Nathan Kinkead technology chair, Elise Redlin academics chair, Stephen Heitz past president and nominating chair, Clark Porter governance chair, Amy Linert content marketing chair, Ryan Parker creative chair, Dan O’Boyle copywriting chair, Anthony Nichols research chair, Ben Holland email chair, Ginelle Howard member benefits chair, Anthony Kirlew special interest groups chair and Matthew O’Brien, member at large.

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Vertical Measures earns interactive marketing honors

Phoenix-based Internet marketing agency Vertical Measures has been awarded two TIM digital marketing awards by AZIMA, the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association.

The awards were held on Thursday, March 26th at the Phoenix Art Museum. Named after Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, the renowned father of the internet, the AZIMA TIM Awards were created to highlight the outstanding efforts of companies and individuals in the digital marketing realm of Arizona.

The Vertical Measures content marketing blog, one of the leading Internet marketing blogs on the web, took home honors for Best Blog. This multi-author blog covers a broad variety of topics like content creation and strategy, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. Multiple forms of original content are delivered to followers 2-3 times a week, ranging from blogs to videos, infographics to resource lists. In 2014, 155 pieces of content were published from over 15 different authors and content creators.

The AZIMA judges made these remarks about the Vertical Measures blog: “Good mix of timely relevant posts and recurring themes. Design is excellent and works within the existing site structure for lead generation and exploration opportunities. Sharing behavior is outstanding.”

“This was an exciting win for all of us because our blog is a tremendous team effort,” said Quinn Whissen, Marketing Manager for Vertical Measures. “From designers to writers, editors to contributors, our blog is a true testament to our company values. It’s not enough to tell our clients how to manage their content; we have to practice what we preach. I’m proud of how our team lives up to these ideals via our blog.”

Vertical Measures also took home an award for Best Content Marketing Campaign for their work on HowtoConvinceYourBoss.com. Convince Your Boss is a micro-site built to equip marketers with the tools needed to be able to convince their boss to invest in content marketing. Visitors can find articles, ways to respond to objections, expert video insights, tools, stats, and presentation templates. All of this will help prepare them for pitching the decision makers and starting a pilot program. Judges were impressed, saying it is a “perfect example of how to transform a common issue/problem into a viable resource for a crucial audience.”

“We were excited to be recognized by AZIMA and the Arizona digital marketing community as a whole for both our blog and Convince Your Boss. Phoenix is our home base and we are proud to be a part of this vibrant and ever-evolving industry. We are honored to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments, including our own,” said President of Vertical Measures, Chris Bird.


AZIMA’s TIM Awards set for March 20

The Arizona Interactive Marketing Association (AZIMA) will host its 2nd Annual TIM Awards from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thurs., March 20 at the Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 North Central Ave., in Phoenix. Named after Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, acknowledged father of the World Wide Web, the TIM Awards showcase Arizona talent and work in the interactive realm for calendar year 2013.

Twelve TIM awards will be given for “Best”: Website, Social Media Campaign, Integrated Interactive Campaign, Email Marketing Campaign, Display Ad (single or campaign), Rich Media Execution, Mobile Marketing Campaign, App, Blog, Online Video, Brand of the Year and Interactive Person of the Year.

Roger Hurni, of Off Madison Ave, received AZIMA’s coveted 2013 Interactive Marketing Person of the Year TIM award last year. “It was quite an honor to have won this award. To me, the AZIMA TIM Awards are a demonstration of the amazing, cutting edge work being done in Arizona by companies from all kinds of industries,” said Hurni.

Guests to the TIM awards ceremony will have a chance to network with top digital marketing professionals and view Phoenix Art Museum’s current exhibits before enjoying a delicious sit-down dinner and awards presentation. The official program will kick off with keynote speaker Marcus Sheridan, president and founder of The Sales Lion. Sheridan is best known for skillfully using content and inbound marketing efforts to increase traffic to his website and becoming one of the largest pool installers in the U.S. during the Great Recession. In 2009, he started his sales, marketing and personal development blog, The Sales Lion, to teach others about content and inbound marketing.

AZIMA offers four options for event registration: $75 for a single seat; $50 for a single seat if an AZIMA Corporate/VIP member; $700 for a Table of 10; and $475 for a Table of 10 for Corporate/VIP members.

To learn more, visit www.azimaawards.com or www.joinazima.org.