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Phoenix firm helps bars tap into profits

A Phoenix business’s device keeps the spirits from overflowing in bar profits.

Aaron Post and his team at Bar Vision produce innovative bar technology. Devices track pouring measurements to prevent bartenders from over pouring. Bar Vision designs products that improve “pour profits” rather than detect “pour loss.”
“Every industry in the world tracks its most important asset, yet the bar industry is one of the last industries to track its most important asset,” explaining the company’s overall concept is to teach bars how to understand numbers to keep bars profitable.

All company products are made in the Phoenix area. One of their most successful products is the pouring spout, which is custom made for each bar depending on the brands of alcohol is served. Every spout is custom designed to fit the bottle.

The company also designed a time tilt device to measure beer. Post said beer is the biggest seller but it’s also more subjected to theft. However, the device doesn’t measure how much is being poured, but it measures what is being poured. According to Post, measuring the amount of alcohol used will help bar owners save money.

The system is used to notify owners of certain trends occurring in the bar scene. They can determine employee work ethic and gender ratio at certain times of the night. For instance, Post said the system records what time certain alcoholic beverages are in demand based on guy-to-girl ratio. This information helps owners keep track of their employees and profits.

The system keeps track of the time of pours. Since there is a lot of theft in the bar industry, the company constructed a system for owners to monitor when theft has occurred.

Todd Manger, bar manager at Tilted Kit in Peoria, said the system is very beneficial for managers to keep track of numbers, noting, “The system is an efficient way to continuously watch counts and provides us physical evidence.”

Bartender Jackie Kopp also commented on the product’s efficiency, saying, “It gives bartenders a sense of how much alcohol is being used, making it easier to count and prevent over pouring. “Overall you get a better visual of numbers,” says Kopp.

Since 2007, Bar Vision has grown from a local business to an international manufacture. Products are sold in Greece, the Middle East and China.

In 2012, Bar Vision was featured in Spike T.V.’s Bar Rescue. The reality show featured bars in the U.S. seeking guidance in order to save their business. Post said he hopes to see more interest in Phoenix area and to grow more as a company.

after bar room

Stand Up Scottsdale Featured on "Bar Rescue" Airs April 14

Despite being a small and little-known comedy club, Stand Up Scottsdale features national touring comedians who are talented enough to capture the laughter of comic enthusiasts.

Ever since Owner Howard Hughes took over the mantle of the club last March, the club has been a destination for those seeking laughter and a good time. Unfortunately, being little-known boasts a challenge that Hughes couldn’t overlook.

“Not many people know about it,” Hughes said. “People who came, they loved it, but we just needed more for the marketing, and it’s obvious that this is a very old building.”

Searching for a solution to boost the club’s publicity was a challenge in and of itself, but little did Hughes know that the solution was right in front of him.

One night, Hughes was watching Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue,” one of his favorite TV shows, and when the announcer turned to the audience and asked for a bar in need of help, Hughes didn’t hesitate one second as he crafted an email and sent it to the show.

A month later, he got in touch with people who ran the show. Three months after his email, he shook hands with the ones he talked to on the phone, and 36 hours later Hughes gazed at the changes that were made to the club.

Before "Bar Rescue"

Before “Bar Rescue”


After "Bar Rescue"

After “Bar Rescue”

The upcoming episode of “Bar Rescue” airs on April 14 featuring Stand Up Scottsdale, and Hughes hopes that the bar will get the shot in the arm that it needs to boost publicity and popularity.

“Overall, I think it’s going to be good once the show comes out; I think people will be curious and they want to come in,” Hughes said.

To celebrate the airing of the episode, Stand Up Scottsdale will have a free show beginning at 8 p.m. on April 14, featuring comedians that are on the TV show, followed by the screening of the episode at 10 p.m.

Before "Bar Rescue"

Before “Bar Rescue”

After "Bar Rescue"

After “Bar Rescue”