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MJ Insurance launches private insurance exchange

MJ Insurance, a leading property-casualty and employee benefits agency, has launched a private health care marketplace for businesses to give employers an unprecedented range of administrative flexibility and employee benefit options.

According to Accenture Research, nearly 20 percent of employees nationwide are expected to get their health insurance through a private exchange. Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield Arizona and United Healthcare have partnered with the MJ Private Exchange along with a host of ancillary carriers.

With MJ’s private exchange, employers maintain a competitive advantage by offering best-in-industry benefits, while removing the heavy lifting of benefits administration. The exchange is an ideal solution for middle-market employers and employees alike. Key advantages of the exchange include:

· The ability to choose a defined contribution or a defined benefits plan
· A prepackaged set of medical and ancillary benefits for employers and their employees
· Support for Affordable Care Act record-keeping responsibilities
· Business data integration that enhances the benefit administration experience
· Flexible decision support tools that make employee choice easier

“This critically-needed program gives employers and employees the flexibility to design and choose a benefits plan that works for them,” said Michael H. Bill, CEO of MJ Insurance. “The MJ Private Exchange is truly a simple solution for employers which incorporates a cost control mechanism that gives them more control. It is a win-win for both employers and employees.”

Employers and employees will enjoy multiple options including flexible plans for specific needs, traditional co-pay plans, health savings accounts (HSAs), higher deductible and lower cost plans.

MJ Insurance specializes in a diverse selection of unique service lines including construction, energy, transportation, real estate, manufacturing, sororities and mining. MJ also offers complete employee benefit programs including major medical, group disability, group life and onsite employer clinics. MJ Insurance currently has clients in 16 countries and in every U.S. state.

Small Business Leadership Academy series

Small Business Leadership Academy: Strategy for Competitive Advantage (Part II)

Small Business Leadership Academy: Strategy for Competitive Advantage (Part II)

Students spent time over the last week determining their company’s value proposition. Each student presented their value proposition to the class and fielded questions about it. For a small business owner, taking the time to occasionally review their organization’s strategy — and making necessary changes — can be the difference between staying in business and closing their doors.

As Professor Trevis Certo mentioned last week, “A common strategic mistake that many small businesses make is not understanding how common their product or service is and how easy it would be for another company to imitate.” With that in mind, several students put their value proposition in terms of what was rare about their businesses.

For Robert Lassner, project manager for Photovoltaic Systems Manufacturing, the value proposition isn’t always a product. “One of the rare things we have is experience and knowledge,” he says. “That is our most valuable asset.”

Ria Robles, vice president of B2B Delivery, also detailed the valuable aspects of their same-day courier service, commenting, “None of our competitors have all of these aspects, which is what helps keep us so successful.”

This exercise allowed these company leaders to take a high-level look at their day-to-day activities. What plans are pushed aside to keep the business moving forward? Steve Taverna, president and owner of TAVCO Sales & Service Company, has new accounting software just waiting to be implemented. “As we get bigger, we’re hoping to have more people that will be willing to take the lead on implementation of new technology.”

Going through this exercise created a strong foundation for the students as they move into next week’s topic, competing through services. With a better handle on the value proposition of their organization, these business leaders will no doubt refine their business practices over the next eight weeks.

The Small Business Leadership Academy (SBLA) is an intensive executive education program designed to strengthen the business acumen of small business leaders in Arizona. The program was jointly developed by the W. P. Carey School of Business and the Salt River Project (SRP), the program’s founding sponsor. Other seat sponsors this year include: Arizona Lottery, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Hahnco and U. S. Bank. Each week we will bring you a few salient points from each class as well as comments from the professors themselves and the impact the information has had on the students.

For more information about the Small Business Leadership Academy, please visit SBLA’s website.

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Health Care Leadership Awards 2011

Health Care Leadership Awards Ceremony 2011

Congratulations to all winners and finalists of the Health Care Leadership Awards 2011!

The Health Care Leadership Awards ceremony took place March 8, 2011 at The Ritz Carlton in Phoenix, Ariz. and had quite the turnout.

Guests included those within the health care community — all committed to bringing quality health care to the Valley.

This year we had a special keynote speaker Dr. Peter Rhee, Medical Director of University Medical Center — who gave a moving presentation.

Arizona Business Magazine presented a special Award of Merit to the University Medical Center Trauma Unit for its outstanding and heroic work.


News Coverage of HCLA 2011

ABC 15


Complete Photo Album
from the 2011 Award ceremony

Congratulations to the 2011 Health Care Leadership Award Honorees and Finalists!

Community Outreach


Molly Stockley, Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Center Against Family Violence, Maricopa Integrated Health System

Jean Revard, Paradise Valley Hospital

Community Outreach winner Molly Stockley, director of marketing, Center Treatment Centers of America

Hospital Executive


David Veillette, Cancer Treatment Centers of America


Jo Adkins, West Valley Hospital

Ruth W. Brinkley, Carondelet Health Network

Hospital or Medical Center Executive winner David Veillette, president and CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaHospital or Medical Center Executive winner David Veillette, president and CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Institution or Education


Home-Based Care Team, Cigna Medical Group


Dr. Mark Smith, Banner Health

Water Watchers Program, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Institutional or Educational Program winner Home-Based Care Program, Cigna Medical Group

Insurance/Insurance Executive


David J. McIntyre Jr., TriWest Healthcare Alliance


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Benton Davis, UnitedHealthcare of Arizona

Insurance/Insurance Executive winner David J. McIntyre Jr., president and CEO of TriWest Healthcare Alliance



Martha Martinez, Maricopa Integrated Health System


Nathan Lewis, Banner Health

Jean Revard, Paradise Valley Hospital

Health Care Manager winner Martha Martinez, manager of interpreters program, Maricopa Integrated Health System

Nurse or Nursing Advocate


Stacy Danahy, Laser Spine Institute


Diane Drexler, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Virginia Prendergast, Barrow Neurological Institute

Nurse or Nursing Advocate winner Stacy Danahy, director of medical operations, Arizona, Laser Spine Institute



Dr. John Post, Maricopa Integrated Health System


Dr. Bentley Bobrow, Maricopa Integrated Health System

Dr. Andrew Garff, Paradise Valley Hospital

Physician winner Dr. John "Papa" Post, MD, medical director, McDowell Healthcare, Maricopa Integrated Health System



Dr. Eric Reiman, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute


Dr. David Adelson, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Researcher winner Eric Reiman, MD, executive director, Banner Alzheimer's Institute



Dr. David Adelson, Phoenix Children’s Hospital


Dr. Scott Peterson, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

Surgeon winner David Adelson, MD, FACS, FAAP, medical director, Children's Neuroscience Institute, Phoenix Children's Hospital

Special Recognitions:

Behavioral Health Care Award

Richard Clarke, Magellan Health Services of Arizona

Behavioral Health Care Award winner Richard Clarke, PH.D., chief executive officer, Magellan Health Services of Arizona

Neonatal Care Award

Dr. Cristina Carballo, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Neonatal Care Merit Award to Cristina Carballo, MD, medical director of neuro/NICU, Phoenix Children's Hospital

Hospital & Medical Center, Merit Award

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, HCLA 2010; Flickr: AzNow.Biz

Complete Photo Album
from the 2011 Award ceremony

View all of the bios in the March/April issue of Arizona Business Magazine.