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Burton Barr library cafe opens to help autistic adults gain job skills

Burton Barr Library
by in AZ Business Magazine

Beneficial Beans inside the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix offers more than coffee. It offers adults with autism the chance to learn employment skills through an internship program. “Adults with autism who need employment skills come to us,” said Kate Thoene, social enterprise director of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center. “They’re with… Read More →

Architectural Achievements – Arizona's Centennial

Architecutral Achievements - AZRE Magazine November/December 2011
by in Architecture

Arizona’s Architectural Achievements Masterpieces of style and design have graced Arizona’s diverse landscape for the past 100 years. Maybe it’s the year-round beautiful weather, or perhaps the diversity of the state itself. No matter the reason, Arizona has undeniably mastered architectural innovation and splendor. Over the past 100 years, buildings of every purpose and design… Read More →