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Initiative Helps Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

Veterans who own small businesses in Arizona can save up to $3,000 by tapping into a new loan program called VetLoan Advantage.

The program, offered by CDC Small Business Finance, features rebates and fee waivers associated with SBA-504 loans (for commercial real estate purchases) and Community Advantage loans for working capital, equipment purchases and other needs.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, veterans are at least 45 percent more likely than those with no military experience to be entrepreneurs, and often times face challenges in raising capital or getting a conventional loan.

“Veteran-owned small businesses employ nearly 5.8 million people nationwide, making the need for loan assistance vital to our recovering economy, said Chris Bane, loan officer with CDC Small Business Finance. “These programs are our way of saying thanks to vets for their honorable service.”

The VetLoan Advantage programs in Arizona by CDC include:

SBA-504 – for purchasing commercial/industrial buildings or large equipment.  CDC will issue a cash rebate up to $3,000 for any funded loan to help veteran owners offset loan expenses.  The SBA-504 loan offers a low-down payment (typically 10%) and long-term fixed rates (now under 5%).

Community Advantage – provides up to $250,000 for working capital, equipment, inventory, tenant improvements and business acquisition.  CDC will waive the packaging fee for veterans, a savings of up to $2,500.

For more information visit: http://cdcloans.com/small-business/vetloan-advantage/

CDC Small Business Finance is the nation’s leader in SBA-504 loans as well as a leader in helping start-up and emerging small businesses via a variety of other SBA loan programs.

Corporate Data Solutions

To Buy Or To Rent? That Is The Question.

Residential renters aren’t the only ones wondering if now is a good time to buy. Business owners renting office space are also considering the buying proposition.

“The office market in Phoenix has shifted slightly in favor of owning rather than renting, especially for small business owners looking to purchase office condos,” said Chris Bane, senior loan officer with CDC Small Business Finance, the nation’s leading provider of SBA-504 financing. “Like residential home owners, purchasing an office condo is a less expensive way for a business to establish equity.”

Derek Achterfeldt, owner of Corporate Data Solutions (CDSI), recently decided buying an office condo was a good strategy for his business. After renting office space for more than eight years, Achterfeldt judged that today’s economic environment offers many benefits: a lower price per square foot, historically low interest rates and recovering property values.

“As our business continued to grow, we found ourselves needing to add staff, but didn’t have the room to accommodate new employees. We quickly needed to find a larger office space and when comparing renting to buying, buying made more sense,” explained Achterfeldt, who was able to purchase a new office with more than double the square footage of his rental for roughly the same monthly operating costs. “I‘m excited to have the room we need to continue to grow and service our customers’ technology needs.”

The IT solutions firm currently employs nine full time employees and serves small-to-middle market companies looking for skilled IT support, but who don’t want to hire a full time staff to do the job.

What was once his passion is now a thriving technology business for Achterfeldt. CDSI has steadily grown, in spite of a soft economy, by focusing on industries that have shown consistent growth in Arizona, including world-class golf courses and financial services.

“There’s a common misconception that business owners need to spend half a million dollars or more to make a solid real estate purchase,” said Bane. “In reality, you may be able to own a larger space than you’re renting for less money. But it’s not a slam-dunk. Business owners should sit down and do the math, have a plan, weigh options specific to their business and we can help with this process.”

Through CDC Small Business Finance and Bank of America, CDSI was able to secure the financing for his property with an SBA-504 loan of $247,500. Not only are the new monthly payments only $200 more than the rent they were paying, but the property has increased in value $60,000, improving the business’ equity.

Small business owners who are tired of paying rent and want to build equity can use the SBA-504 loan to purchase their own facility.  Rates have been under 5% for 22 straight months and business owners are only required to make a 10 percent down payment.

To know if buying instead of renting makes sense for your business, check out the Lease vs Buy Comparison Calculator on the CDC Small Business Finance website (www.cdcloans.com) or contact Chris Bane directly at 602-317-1192.

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Valley Franchise Owners Use SBA-504 Refinance Program To Help Reinvest In Businesses

Robert and Mary Perez take advantage of SBA-504 refinance program.

At a time when jobs are hard to come by and many small businesses are cutting back, Robert and Mary Perez are growing their Metro Phoenix businesses and reinvesting in their biggest asset – their employees.

The Perez’s own and operate six Wendy’s franchises and employ close to 120 people. They were recently facing one significant balloon payment on a commercial real estate loan and dealing with a high interest rate on another. They looked into refinancing via the Small Business Administration. CDC Small Business Finance and Alliance Bank partnered to provide the loans.

“The SBA-504 refinance program couldn’t have come at a better time for us,” Perez said. “The two refi loans we received were the perfect solution, offering us a low, fixed rate for 20 years on both properties. The monthly savings now gives us the ability to hire three more mid-level managers at a higher starting salary and increase the staffing hours for our existing employees.”

The new financing enabled the Perez’s to take advantage of a low interest rate, currently at 4.70%, and a low down payment of 10%.

“I know there are more small business owners, especially in Phoenix, who are facing a hike in their current loan payments,” said Lisa Alberti, CDC Small Business Finance loan officer. “Business owners who own their building and facing an insurmountable payment can benefit from this program, but they need to act fast because the program ends September 27.”

The basics of the SBA-504 refinance loan are simple:

  • To be eligible, the small business must be a for-profit company with tangible net worth of less than $15M and after-tax profit of less than $5M.
  • Any small business with a commercial mortgage at least two years old may be eligible.
  • Payments on commercial loan to be refinance must be current with no delinquencies or deferments in the payments in the past 12 months.
  • The eligible small business must currently occupy 51% of the property to be refinanced. The refinanced amount can be up to 90% of the appraised value of the subject property. The required down-payment is 10% of the total loan amount.
  • The program is structured like SBA’s traditional 504 loan program: borrowers work with third-party lending institutions and a SBA-approved certified development company, typically a non-profit organization like CDC Small Business Finance, to obtain financing.
  • Existing 504 loans and government-guaranteed loans are not eligible for refinance.

SBA estimates that as many as 8,000 businesses across the country are eligible to participate in this refinance program, which will provide up to $7.5B in SBA-guaranteed financing that will leverage total project financing of almost $17 billion.

The SBA-504 loan program was created by the SBA for the specific purpose of financing long-term fixed assets such as commercial real estate and equipment with economic life of 10 years or greater.

CDC Small Business Finance’s office is located at 2575 E. Camelback Rd., #450. For more information on the SBA-504 loan program, contact Lisa Alberti at (602) 635-8413 or lalberti@cdcloans.com

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Paving The Way For Phoenix Small Business Growth

Foreshadowing federal reports of an uptick in demand for commercial real estate and small business lending, CDC Small Business Finance recently funded two loans to help a local company purchase three commercial buildings in Phoenix.

We wanted to take advantage of lower property values and low financing rates to purchase the buildings,” said Todd Franklin, owner of Arizona Sun Supply, a wholesaler/distributor of solar screen products. “The additional square footage we gained will give us the space we need to warehouse all of our raw materials and give us more room to grow.”

Franklin benefited from using the Small Business Administration 504 loan program, designed to help small businesses purchase commercial real estate at below-market fixed rates and minimal down payment. The anticipated result is that small businesses expand and are able to create new jobs.

CDC Small Business Finance teamed up with Bank of America on the Arizona Sun Supply loans. CDC provided the SBA-504 fixed-rate loan to finance 40% of the total purchase, Bank of America provided 50% with a conventional loan and the small business needed only to contribute a 10% down payment. Arizona Sun Supply’s commercial real estate loans totaled just less than $1M.

Typically, small businesses are unable to tap into the long-term capital market, but can do so with a SBA 504 loan. Business owners of growing companies usually come to a crossroads of whether they should buy a facility or lease. An SBA-504 loan makes purchasing attractive because the cash down payment required by the owner is minimal, allowing the small business to preserve its cash for ongoing operations. Plus, long-term tax benefits are often realized.

Arizona Sun Supply, Inc. (AZSUN) operates as a niche supplier with a focus on specialty products that reduce the negative impact of the sun. As the top supplier of Textilene products, a durable mesh fabric made from PVC resin that is specifically designed to block the sun’s harmful rays, the company sells at wholesale prices to the general public across the U.S. In Arizona, they only work directly with sunscreen and shade structure businesses.

“The window shade business can be cyclical based on housing growth rates in the market,” Franklin said. “However, we’ve been growing at a steady rate because we continue to add new products to sell across the country and have not been reliant on sales in one or two markets.”

The primary areas of growth have been in shade fabric installed in parks, schools and other outdoor venues. Arizona Sun Supply’s general product line includes solar, screen fabrics, sliding and swinging doors, aluminum screen frames, sail and structure fabric, insect and pet screen and Textilene outdoor fabric enhanced with fire rated performance.

Over the past six months Small Business Finance has funded 21 SBA-504 loans, partnering with banks to provide $39M in financing to Arizona small businesses.

“Like Arizona Sun Supply, small businesses are taking advantage of lower property values to purchase new facilities for expansion,” said Lisa Alberti, loan officer for CDC Small Business Finance.

Alberti added that other Arizona small businesses are taking advantage of a refinance program revamped by the SBA and available through September. This program is designed to help small business owners facing balloon payments on conventional commercial property mortgages. The current refinance rate through this program is 4.95%. (For more information, http://tiny.cc/SBA504refi).

The 504-loan program was created by the SBA for the specific purpose of financing long-term fixed assets such as commercial real estate and equipment with economic life of 10 years or greater.

CDC Small Business Finance’s office is located at 2575 East Camelback Road, Suite 450. For more information, contact Lisa Alberti (602-635-8413 or lalberti@cdcloans www.cdcloans.com)


Arizona Commercial Real Estate Financing Nearly Doubles

Commercial real estate financing in Arizona via the Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program nearly doubled for the first half of the SBA’s fiscal year compared to the same six-month period a year ago, according to CDC Small Business Finance.

DC reported that SBA-504 loan approvals totaled $105M for the Oct. 2011 – March 2012 period compared to $56M approved for the same period a year prior – Oct. 2010 – March 2011.

“The market continues to rebound after a couple down years,” said Lisa Alberti, loan officer for CDC Small Business Finance. “Small businesses are taking advantage of lower property values and also capitalizing on refinancing currently owned properties.”

Close to 650 new jobs are projected to be created in Arizona as a result of SBA-504 financing approved over the last six months.

CDC Small Business Finance itself approved 21 SBA-504 loans for the six-month period, partnering with banks to provide $39M in financing to Arizona small businesses.

In addition to the traditional 504 program, a new SBA refinance program is now available to small businesses facing balloon payments on commercial property mortgages.  The current refinance rate through this program is 4.95%.

The 504 loan program was created by the SBA for the specific purpose of financing long-term fixed assets such as commercial real estate and equipment with economic life of 10 years or greater. This refinance program is only available through September 27, 2012.

For more information on financing through CDC Small Business Finance, visit CDC Small Business Finance’s website at cdcloans.com.