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Luxurious Home Showers No Longer Just Reserved For Affluent Retreats

Shower sensations: Channeling the chic sensibility of lavish resort spas, luxurious home showers are no longer just reserved for affluent retreats.

Evolving from a place with a distinct purpose to a lavish escape, home showers are becoming a peaceful getaway and the focal point of the bathroom.

Incorporating features such as steam rooms, surround sound speakers, LED chromatherapy lighting, benches, shelving, showerheads that resemble the undeniable sensation of gentle raindrops with the help of air-injection technology and massaging body sprays at every level, home showers are becoming a therapeutic relief in which many homeowners are quickly investing.

“Showers have become the epicenter of the bathroom,” says Jeremy Smith of Central Arizona Supply. “Homeowners no longer feel they have to have a great bathtub. Instead, there are so many amazing features in showers that are being taken advantage of that are giving the therapeutic aspects that the bath used to give.”

Photo: Picasso Tile and StoneworkAs bathtubs are now becoming more of an aesthetically pleasing element than regularly-used items, it’s out with the sunken soakers and in with the spa and sauna-like showers.

“What is being done to these rooms today has become more of a place of retreat than just a place to quickly get things done,” says Tim Thacker, owner of COHACO Building Specialties, explaining the changing faces of in-home showers. “The bathroom has become a place to relax, retire and rejuvenate.”

According to Thacker, a big part in this maturing trend is the multitude of options in materials and technology available today.

From matching faucets and handles to calming tile accents and streamlined shower enclosures, bathrooms have evolved beyond the spa and incorporated a personalized touch to suit a homeowner’s specific needs and wants.

Becoming a popular home investment, an added bonus to these upgrades, according to Smith, is that they are now able to reach a wider range of customers due to competitive price markets lowering the cost of such items. As a result, what is considered a lavish upgrade can now be a more attainable addition to any homeowner’s bathroom.

With such a large selection of bells and whistles to make your home shower resemble the spa of your dreams, homeowners are urged to test before they buy and explore every option available. Smith strongly suggests working closely with your contractor so every detail is appropriately accommodated to meet both your needs and your body’s needs for the best therapeutic results.

For those considering incorporating spa-like features, Thacker says, “Homeowners are finding that the money used in this area is very well spent. It has been proven that in a remodel, the money spent in redesigning a bathroom will always allow you to recoup your expenses when the home is sold or just having it reappraised.”

Manufactures are now starting to mix the perks of top-quality, in-home saunas, steam rooms and luxurious showers, manufactures with products that incorporate more sustainable and water-saving technologies.

“We see many features such as smart temp-controlled valves and insta-hot water to replace water heaters for more saving attributes,” says Melissa Kale, president of Picasso Tile and Stonework.

According to Smith, the addition of such eco-conscious elements is, “definitely the next frontier.”

For more information about transforming your home shower into a spa retreat, visit:

Central Arizona Supply
16431 N. 90th St., # 100, Scottsdale
(480) 922-9191

Picasso Tile & Stonework
126 W. Forest Grove Ave., Phoenix
(602) 225-0525

COHACO Building Specialties
9700 N. 91st Ave., #130, Peoria
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Scottsdale Living Magazine Fall 2012

Summer 2012 - Scottsdale Living Magazine

Scottsdale Living Magazine – SUMMER 2012

Summer 2012

Health | Beauty | Lifestyle
A Haute Hiatus

Summer vacations — a respite from the daily stressors of our lives. Whether you’re trekking to exotic islands, hopping on a brief flight just across the state border or driving down the street to the nearest hotspot to cool down, we want to ensure you arrive at your destination in head-turning style from head to toe.

We teamed up with Michaela Cawley, local fashion and swimsuit designer of KKINI, to provide you with our must-have summer accessories. (If you remember last issue’s cover, that was Michaela’s KKINI Monroe Bathers Tank swimsuit; one of our favorites).

As for those of you night owls vacationing within city limits, flip through the magazine for our Nightlife Guide, a compilation of the best bars and clubs in the area as well as live music and entertainment venues, including comedy clubs and theaters.

If pool bars are more your thing, flip through to the Escape section, where you’ll find five of the best pool bars in the Scottsdale area.

And with all the time spent at the pool this summer, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. You’ll find some helpful tips in our Rejuvenate section.

Until we meet again in October, take a dip, have a sip, and keep an eye for the next issue, when the temperature takes a plunge of its own.

Kristine Cannon,
Associate Editor

Home | Garden | Design
The New Wave

Gossie Signature


Michael Gossie,
Editor in Chief

I have to start this letter by letting you know that I have a historic home that was built in 1918. So — despite the charm of having a historic home — there are A LOT of things that need to be updated.

But since I bought the house in 2004, there was one thing that bothered me the most: the porn tub.

That’s what my friends referred to the bathtub in the master bathroom. It was a huge tub, surrounded my mirrors, cheesy tile work, and looked like something straight out of a racy scene from “Game of Thrones.”

Tim Thacker, owner of COHACO Building Specialties, says, “The bathroom has become a place to relax, retire and rejuvenate.”

So it was with great joy that I recently destroyed my “porn tub” and replaced it with a luxurious tub and shower with two oversized shower heads.

No longer is my master bath a place to take a quick shower and hurry off to work. Now, it’s a place where I can recover from long days and strenuous workouts.

In this issue of Scottsdale Living, you’ll get tips for your kitchen, “mom cave,” backyard and more.

Have fun! I sure did.

Take it with you! On your mobile, go to m.issuu.com to get started.