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Most Admired Companies - AZ Business Magazine Sept/Oct 2010

2010 Most Admired Companies Winners – Customer Opinion

The Customer Opinion category recognizes companies that deliver exceptional customer service.

Winner: American Express
Customer Opinion
Headquarters: New York
Year Est.:
No. of Employees in AZ:
Recent Award:
Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Companies – 2010
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American Express prides itself on understanding and fulfilling the customers’ needs, and then using the knowledge gained by each interaction to improve the company. One way American Express does this is by calling employees at their service centers “Customer Care Professionals.” They aren’t just service representatives; they are professionals who are the face and voice of American Express. The employees understand that when they take a call, they aren’t just providing cards for payments — they are helping customers achieve their goals, live out their passions and get through tough situations. American Express has delivered customer care from medical evacuations to replacing stolen cards anywhere at anytime to creating unique experiences for customers.

American Express welcomes customer feedback to help create a better, more customer-friendly company. At American Express, a call is not a transaction; it’s an opportunity to create a better relationship with the customer. Customer relationships also have been strengthened by American Express’ hiring technique. The company attracts employees from the retail, sales and hospitality industries who know how to create an environment that fosters strong customer service.

In its 160 years, the company’s core values have instilled a sense of pride in its employees. The employees’ pride in what they do transfers to the customer during their conversations. For three consecutive years, from 2007-2009, J.D. Power and Associates has named American Express highest in customer satisfaction among credit card issuers. American Express also was one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Companies.

Grant Thorton

Finalist: Grant Thornton
Customer Opinion
Year Est.:
2004 (in AZ)
No. of Employees in AZ:
Recent Award:
Arizona Women’s Top 25 Workplaces for Women – 2009
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The “Grant Thornton Client Experience” demonstrates the company’s commitment to professional excellence. Employees strive to understand and exceed clients’ expectations, deliver high-quality service, provide valuable ideas and recommendations, show a personalized focus, and provide value. All branches of Grant Thornton strive to exceed their clients’ expectations, but the Phoenix office exceeded the company’s expectations in 2009. Grant Thornton uses a third-party vendor to ask its key clients to evaluate the company’s performance and the client’s service experience. In the audit and tax sections, the Phoenix office scored more than the 8.5 out of the 10 mark the company set as its target goal.

In addition to the Phoenix office exceeding the company’s goal, Grant Thornton has won national honors, including being on the Companies that Care Honor Roll from 2005-2009.  In 2009, Grant Thornton was on Working Mother Magazine’s Top Ten Companies list.

Sonora Quest

Finalist: Sonora Quest Laboratories
Customer Opinion
Year Est.:
No. of Employees in AZ:
Recent Award:
Arizona Corporate Excellence Award – 2009

Sonora Quest Laboratories’ vision is to be “the trusted leader in diagnostic testing and information services.” This vision shows the company’s focus on the customer, whether it be patients, health care professionals or payer groups. The Patient Care Gold Standard, a poster with 17 standards of care, hangs at each service center to reinforce excellent patient care.

Patients are surveyed by a third-party vendor at patient service centers, and this information is shared with employees to improve the patient experience. In the first quarter of 2010, Sonora Quest Laboratories achieved a 97 percent customer satisfaction rating from patients served at the patient service centers. Employees must commit to putting patient care first by signing the Phlebotomy Code of Conduct and the “Our Promise to Our Patients” packet. Sonora Quest Laboratories also shows its commitment to providing superior service and timely, accurate information to its health care clients by using quality tools and principles that improve productivity.

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Arizona's Most Admired Companies November-December 2010

Arizona's Most Admired Companies Awards

What Is The “Most Admired Companies” Award?

Most Admired Companies Award is presented by Arizona Business Magazine and BestCompaniesAZ LLC!

What is “Most Admired Companies”?

Arizona’s Most Admired Companies is a new statewide awards program designed to recognize the contributions and impact all Arizona employers bring to our great state. This will become the most prestigious awards program in the state, as they will be looking at companies that excel in the following four areas:

1.    Workplace Culture (as voted on by employees)
2.    Leadership Excellence (reputation of leaders in the community creating good will or having a positive economic impact in the community)
3.    Corporate & Social Responsibility (involved in giving back to and/or supporting the community and the environment)
4.    Customer Opinion (Solid reputation for delivering superior customer service as assessed by customers)

What are the benefits of participating?

As this program will be the most prestigious for Arizona, it will provide award-winning companies significant exposure and increased visibility on a statewide and national level as one of Arizona’s Most Admired companies. (see FAQs for additional details on the benefits of such award programs).

Who can participate?

This program will focus on highlighting companies with more than 50 employees across the state. These companies can be for-profit, nonprofit, private, public, subsidiaries or business units, government or state agencies, or charitable organizations. (see FAQs for more details)

Is there a fee?

It’s free to participate! It only requires responding to five open-ended questions.

How will winners be announced?

The winners will be announced annually at an awards reception, and an editorial report published in a fall issue of AZ Business Magazine and online at bestcompaniesaz.com. The next awards ceremony will take place September 6, 2012.

How do we nominate our company?

There’s a 2 step process:

1.    Complete a “Pre-Registration” form – Section 1 of the Application Form here.
2.    Complete Section II and III of the Application Form by June 30, 2010 (access the form at the link above).

Need more information:

If you’d like more information or for complete program details, FAQs and application forms, visit bestcompaniesaz.com or call a member of the BestCompaniesAZ team at 480-545-5151.


Most Admired Companies - AZ Business Magazine Sept/Oct 2010

2010 Most Admired Companies Award Winners

Arizona Business Magazine and BestCompaniesAZ are honored to unveil the winners of our inaugural Arizona’s Most Admired Companies Awards.

With 43 winners, we think you’ll agree the awards selection committee has done an outstanding job in determining some of the most admired companies in our state.  Our primary goal in developing this program was to find those organizations that excel in four key areas: workplace culture, leadership excellence, social responsibility and customer opinion.  This list features the most prestigious companies in our state, providing us the opportunity to learn from the best.

Adolfson & Peterson Construction
Headquarters: Minneapolis
Year Est.: 1991
No. of Employees in AZ: 69
Recent Award: AIA Kemper Goodwin Award – 2009
WEB: www.a-p.com

AlliedBarton Security Services
Headquarters: Conshohocken, Penn.
Year Est.: 1957
No. of Employees in AZ: 1,047
Recent Award: Brandon Hall Research Award for Best Integration of Learning and Talent Management – 2009
WEB: www.alliedbarton.com

American Express
Headquarters: New York
Year Est.: 1850
No. of Employees in AZ: 7,219
Recent Award: Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Companies – 2010
WEB: www.americanexpress.com

Arizona Charter Academy
Headquarters: Surprise
Year Est.: 2001
No. of Employees in AZ: 61
Recent Award: Elks Lodge Community Partner of the Year – 2010
WEB: www.azcharteracademy.com

Banner Health
Headquarters: Phoenix
Year Est.: 1999
No. of Employees in AZ: 27,528
Recent Award: Gallup Great Workplace Award – 2009
WEB: www.bannerhealth.com

BeachFleischman PC
Headquarters: Tucson
Year Est.: 1991
No. of Employees in AZ: 104
Recent Award: Accounting Today’s Best Accounting Firms to Work For – 2009
WEB: www.beachfleischman.com

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Arizona's Most Admired Companies November-December 2010