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Business Development: No Instruction Book

Many commercial real estate firms are changing the way they do business, as the last five years have forced them to examine how they attract and retain clients. One of the greatest take-aways of the Great Recession is business development—the approach commercial real estate-related firms are taking to expand their client base and engage their… Read More →

Differentiation: What Kind Of Ketchup Are You?

  If you are ever looking for a great way to contemplate differentiating your firm, just stroll through the grocery store aisles. I don’t know about you, but I had no idea there were jalapeno ketchup, ketchup in a bag and green ketchup, when all they are really selling is a substance created of tomatoes.… Read More →

Making Your Marketing Stand Out: Are You Wearing Your Favorite Snow Boots In The Summer?

  So, we collected all of our stuff to head out the door and realized that my 4-year-old was not in tow. I called out to her and she said, “I’m coming. I just needed to get ready!” That was interesting, as I had already gotten her dressed, hair brushed, shoes on … Out she… Read More →