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Google Doodle 2003 Albert Einstein's Birthday

Top Google Logos 2003

Google Builds World’s Largest Advertising and Search Monetization Program

Company introduces automated content-targeted ads; Advertising customer base surpasses 100,000

“Google remains committed to developing services that bring significant value and return on investment to our advertisers, partners, and users worldwide,” said Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman and CEO. “Through superior relevancy and simple design, Google’s many innovations connect people to the world’s information and enhance the overall user experience of the web.”

Google: Press Center

    My Top five Doodles from 2003:

    Earth Day

    Google Doodles 2003 - Earth Day

    April 22nd 2003

    Wikipedia.com: Earth Day

    Happy Independence Day

    Google Doodle 2003 - Happy Independence Day

    July 4th 2003

    Wikipedia.com: Independence Day

    Alfred Hitchcock’s Birthday

    Google Doodles 2003 - Alfred Hitchcock's Birthday

    August 13th 2003

    Britannica Blog: Happy 111th Birthday, Alfred Hitchcock!


    100th Anniversary of Flight

    Google Doodles - 100th Anniversary of Flight

    December 17, 2003

    The Library of Congress: First Flight

    Holiday Series

    Google Doodles - Holiday Series 2003

    December 24th 2003

    Merry-Christmas.com: Christmas Traditions

    Evolution of the Google Doodle by Danny Sullivan

    Danny Sullivan, Editor-In-Chief of Search Engine Land, couldn’t be a more perfect guide to take us through the evolution of Google’s Doodles. SearchEngineLand.com.

    by iGNiTe



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