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Fried Louie

Best I Ever Had: National Burger Month Edition

It’s National Burger Month, and AZ Big Media’s employees definitely know what’s up when it comes to the Valley’s burgers. From high-maintenance patties with quirky toppings to a good, basic burger, here’s how to eat like a champion this May.

Turkey Burger, $12
True Food Kitchen
It’s True Food’s answer to a non-beef burger: A turkey patty topped with provolone, tomato, lettuce, avocado and mayo, all on a flax seed bun. (A gluten free bun is available upon request.) It’s served with your choice of kale salad greens or sweet potato hash. Insider tip: you can get the best of both worlds, by asking for half a serving of each. — Laura Burnett

French Onion Burger, $13
St. Francis
There are condiments that always go perfect on any burger: lettuce tomatoes, onion, and maybe a little mustard and ketchup.  But St. Francis takes it a step further with the one and only burger they serve on their menu.  The mouthwatering French Onion Burger has fresh arugula smoked bacon, Gruyere cheese, and crispy French Onions added to the mix.  This burger is downright heavenly, with as much texture as there is taste.  — Katie Malles

Single Tasty Burger, $3.39
Lenny’s Burger
For those who favor a simple burger on a small budget, Lenny’s Burger in Central Phoenix is the place to go. Their Single Tasty Burger is a must try with the classic perfectly-browned bun, crunchy veggies (lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle) and an all-beef patty smothered in mustard and ketchup. There is nothing too adventurous to the burger, but at an affordable $3.39 and an average ticket time of less than 10 minutes, this burger is a must-try face-stuffer for anybody in the area during lunchtime. — Ashley Incardone

Build-a-Burger $9 plus .75 cents/ additional toppings
Thirteenorth Grille
Thirteenorth burgers are overwhelmingly juiced with a smoky flavor that will send your taste buds to heaven and back. Build a burger consists of a half pound certified Angus beef burger. For sheer indulgence, craft a burger with white American cheese and top it off with savory pepper bacon alongside fresh lettuce, tomato and onion for the perfect kick of sweet and bold. — Kaci Demarest

The M.A.C. Burger, $11
Culinary Dropout
Ordering this doesn’t just get you one delicious mouth watering cheeseburger, it gets you a double stack! Which, may almost be too big to fit in your mouth with perfectly melted American cheese, two flavorful patties, onions, lettuce and pickles between two freshly baked buns. But when something tastes this good, you make it work. — Meryl Fishler

Bourbon Egg Burger, $14
Kelly’s at SouthBridge
You may think Scottsdale is for pretty people who look like they live off carrot sticks and vodka, but, damn, do they know how to make a burger. (This was a tough call, Old Town.) Kelly’s at SouthBridge’s burgers are made of a four cut blend of short rib, sirloin, chuck and brisket, and this particular beauty is served with pancetta, fried egg, an onion ring and finger-licking BBQ sauce. I’ve had to share this every time I’ve eaten it, so just tell your friends to forgo the salads in the name of National Burger Month. They’ll be glad they did. Vegheads can also swap out a portobello mushroom for a tasty, slightly more animal-friendly alternative! — Amanda Ventura

The Kobe Burger, $12
Squid Ink Sushi Bar
Made with the highest grade of beef, the fan favorite “Kobe Burger” is a treasure hidden amongst the fine Asian dishes at this untraditional, Americana-esque sushi bar. The burger features a semi-soft Danish cheese, havarti, bacon, arugula, caramelized onions, spicy aioli, and tokyo frites on the side. Next time you’re in Downtown Phoenix, Peoria, or Scottsdale, be sure to swing by Squid Ink Sushi Bar to give this delicious treat a try. — Jade Yeban

Delux Burger, $11.75
Delux Burger
The signature burger is adorned with caramelized onions and bits of Applewood-smoked bacon. That combination gives the premium beef blanketed in a baguette the perfect sweet and zesty taste. Also, don’t forget to order mixed fries “a la carte,” (sweet potato and regular French fries in a mini shopping cart!) — Maria Lopez

Fried Louie- $10.75 ($5 on Tuesdays)
Bar Louie
Alas simplicity has been created into perfection. Bacon, cheddar, and a fried egg, indulge the sandwiching buns of this heavenly delight. These three ingredients sit on top of Bar Louie’s signature juicy and thick ground beef patty. Putting breakfast on a burger that would even bare the likes of meat lovers everywhere. Visit on Tuesdays and enjoy every burger on the menu for only $5. —Robin Sendele

National Burger Month Special:
Prime Beef and Chorizo Burger, $15
Del Frisco’s Grille
Skip breakfast, the Prime Beef and Chorizo Burger will now be served through all of May at Del Frisco’s Grille in honor of National Burger Month. The Arizona-themed burger’s beef and chorizo is paired with pepper jack cheese, fried pickled jalapenos, red onion, chipotle mayo, shredded lettuce, tomato and kept intact with two golden fluffy buns. If this limited time two-fisted sandwich is not enough, know it also comes with a side of Cajun fries and a recommended hand-crafted beer.
First off, I’d suggest pressing all the ingredients together and cutting it in half. Have a napkin ready, you want to eat this monster before all the juices soak into the bread. The burger’s chorizo, jalapenos and zesty spread cater to those with a liking for spicy food, but definitely does not overpower the taste palate.
The beef which makes up most of the burger was succulent and soft to chew.
Chef Jimmy Ton crowned the patty with a crispy top coat in the way he cooked it that I really enjoyed.
Del Frisco’s Grille does this every year, Taylor Case, private dining coordinator, said. Last year, the featured burger was topped with fried nopales, she said.
Nopales and chorizo are two popular ingredients in Mexico and because the country borders Arizona, the style sneaks its way into Arizona cuisine and adds an extra kick.
The choice of chorizo for this year’s burger “gives it a fatty taste-the good kind,” Case said.
Del Frisco’s Grille motto which is “do right and feed every man” is printed on their kitchen. The restaurant’s ode to National Burger Month, The Prime Beef and Chorizo Burger, did just that. — Maria Lopez


Meet Del Frisco’s Grille new dining duo

What do you get when you pair a renowned local restaurateur with a Seattle-raised/California-trained chef? You get the Valley’s newest powerhouse dining duo, now appearing daily at Del Frisco’s Grille in Phoenix.
Yes, Del Frisco’s Grille is proud to announce the hiring of General Manager, Lawrence Macias and Executive Chef, Jimmy Ton to oversee every aspect of the dining experience at this stylish yet casual all-American grille located in the heart of the Biltmore area.
Starting in Southern California, Macias has spent his entire career in the restaurant industry, most recently as the GM of iPic Theaters in Scottsdale. Prior to that, Macias was the GM of Sapporo and the Managing Partner at Bluewater Grill, where he oversaw the re-branding of this Camelback Corridor landmark formerly known at The Fish Market. In fact, part of the appeal of working at Del Frisco’s Grille was returning to the Biltmore area, and working for a company that really cares for its staff and guests.
“I’ve always loved this neighborhood,” Macias says, “and the more I learned about the Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, how they go above and beyond to treat their employees, and their guests, like family, made this is a dream job for me.”
Which is why Macias’ top priority is, “getting out onto the local community, building partnerships and working with local organizations and charities to make sure Del Frisco’s is doing its part to be valued member of the neighborhood and beyond.”
A Pacific Northwest native, Chef Jimmy Ton, might be a newcomer to local diners, but his resume speaks for itself. After an injury caused him to lose his University of Hawaii football scholarship, Ton turned to his passion for food – learning cooking traditional Vietnamese food at his mother’s knee – and wrote to celebrity chef, Thomas Keller to beg for an unpaid internship at Bouchon Bistro. More recently, Ton has worked at a variety of recognizable restaurants, ranging from the posh Napa Rose at Disneyland and Skycity at the Seattle Space Needle, to the Del Frisco’s Grille in Santa Monica, CA.
Here in Phoenix, Ton has overseen the roll out of an all-new seasonal menu, including the two-fisted Cali Chicken Sandwich with crushed avocado, lettuce, tomato, lemon-tarragon mayo on toasted challah, the hearty Mesquite Smoked Pork Chop with Anson Mills grits, bourbon-apple glaze, and brunch favorites such as the Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles with spicy maple syrup, thick-cut hickory-smoked bacon.
In his spare time Ton can be found exploring the city’s culinary scene, seeking out the best local flavors and satisfying his sushi and seafood cravings. “I’ve been really excited by the quality and diversity of the restaurants here in Phoenix, especially the seafood.” Ton says. “It reminds me of Oregon and other Pacific Northwest hotspots.”
Del Frisco’s Grille (at The Camelback Esplanade) is located at 2425 E. Camelback Road in Phoenix, AZ 85016.
Del Frisco 077

It’s mushroom mania at Del Frisco’s Grille

Del Frisco’s Grille can help you celebrate National Mushroom Day on October 15. Enjoy everybody’s favorite fungi with a Wild Mushroom Flatbread or Veal Meatloaf served with earthy, pan-braised wild mushrooms and bordelaise sauce.

Here are the details:

Who: Mushroom lovers, fungus fiends, and anyone else looking to celebrate National Mushroom Day offered at Del Frisco’s Grille.

What: Fungi lovers unite! This October 15 is National Mushroom Day, and there’s no better place to celebrate mushroom mania than at Del Frisco’s Grille in Phoenix, where earthy, irresistible Wild Mushrooms are always on the menu. Kick off the spore soiree with one of DFG’s signature Wild Mushroom Flatbreads, topped with creamy fontina cheese, caramelized onions and peppery baby arugula. Or go all out with a Knife & Fork entrée, such as the Veal Meatloaf paired with hand-mashed potatoes, braised wild mushrooms and bordelaise sauce. Finally, for those looking for just a scooch more ’srooms can order a side of hearty Braised Wild Mushrooms a la carte or paired with any entrée.

And don’t forget, all football season long, DFG offers the new Burgers and Brews combo, featuring the Grille’s Prime Cheeseburger – two flavorful patties made of a mouthwatering blend of USDA Prime short rib, brisket and chuck topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and sloppy sauce between a brioche bun. Pair it with your choice of Original, Sea Salt & Parmesan or Sweet Potato Frites, plus your choice of a draft beer pint, all for only $17.50.

When:  National Mushroom Day is on October 15, 2014, but Del Frisco’s Grille’s wild mushroom specialty dishes are available daily!

Where:  Del Frisco’s Grille (at The Camelback Esplanade), 2425 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016, 602-466-2890,  www.delfriscosgrille.com

Del Frisco’s Grille is modern, inviting, stylish and fun. Taking the classic bar and grill to new heights, Del Frisco’s Grille draws inspiration from bold flavors and market-fresh ingredients. The energetic bar, a destination in itself, creates a buzz throughout the restaurant and sets the stage for an amazing night out.


Del Frisco's Grille in Phoenix Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

Everybody’s favorite place to “Meat Up & Drink Up” is honoring its one-year anniversary with a can’t miss blowout bash. Drop by Del Frisco’s Grille Friday, June 28 and enjoy a gourmet three-course dinner for only $36.50, (celebrating 365 days of being open). But why wait for dinner when you can enjoy Happy Hour pricing all day long? The specials include $6 starters, $5 signature cocktails and wines, $3 draft beers and honey badger shots. Plus, from 6:30 to 111:30 p.m. enjoy a live performance by renowned Valley blues, jazz and rock band, Cold Shott & The Hurricane Horns.

Del Frisco’s Grille (at The Camelback Esplanade) is located at 2425 E. Camelback Road.


New Phoenix Restaurant Wins ‘Hot Concept’ Designation

Mark S. Mednansky, CEO of Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, is pleased to announce that the company’s newest offering, Del Frisco’s Grille (which opened locally June 9th at the Camelback Esplanade) has been named one of this year’s “Hot Concepts” by Nation’s Restaurant News.  Del Frisco’s Grille serves contemporary American cuisine and features an approachable menu, a vibrant atmosphere, an expansive wine list, hand-crafted cocktails and genuine hospitality.  Nation’s Restaurant News’ 18th annual Hot Concepts Awards recognize four emerging companies showing innovation, bold tactics and tremendous potential for growth.  Local favorite True Food Kitchen took home the award in 2011.

“We are thrilled to be honored as a Hot Concept by Nation’s Restaurant News, an award we deem very prestigious in the foodservice industry,” said Mednansky.  “We built Del Frisco’s Grille to feel modern, inviting, stylish and fun for our guests, and I think the editors at Nation’s Restaurant News saw those qualities come together in a unique way at our restaurant.  This award is a tremendous honor and a strong validation of the Del Frisco’s Grille concept, and we look forward to continuing to build on this momentum.”

Del Frisco’s Grille is rapidly expanding, opening at The Esplanade in Phoenix on June 9, preceded by the first two Grilles last year in Manhattan at Rockefeller Center and in Dallas’ Uptown neighborhood.  Hot on the heels of the success in Phoenix, the Grille also opened July 14 on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. and the next Grille will open in October in Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead neighborhood.    At approximately 7,500 square feet, Del Frisco’s Grille works well as a stand-alone restaurant and also has potential as a restaurant within a hotel.

Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group — the leading steakhouse company in the country — owns and operates more than 30 restaurants across the country, including the Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House and Sullivan’s Steakhouse brands.  The Del Frisco’s team created Del Frisco’s Grille as a nimble third brand for the company, presenting a varied menu of easy-to-share dishes such as wood oven-baked flatbreads and hearty salads, while carrying over the Del Frisco’s hallmarks of quality foods, excellent preparations and a lively, fun environment marked by genuine hospitality.

For guests, the varied menu means digging into signature dishes such as Ahi Tacos and Cheesesteak Egg Rolls.  For traditionalists, the Grille serves prime steak, and the diverse, 500-selection wine list is much more extensive than those found in the typical bar and grill.  Other favorites at the Grille include imaginative and memorable cocktails like The Kilt Lifter, Apt. 5D, and shots on tap.  Guests can enjoy these at the restaurant’s energetic bar, a destination its own right.

Camelback Esplanade

Camelback Esplanade Has A New Addition: The Del Frisco's Grille

Camelback Esplanade, once the unofficial headquarters for Valley power lunches, is now mentioned most often for slowing revenue and high turnover rates. This June, however, the storied mixed-use center will welcome a newcomer to the table.

In its first restaurant venture in Arizona, Del Frisco’s Grille will fill the now-vacant booths of the venerable Houston’s Restaurant, which relocated in December 2010.

Del Frisco’s Grille, a high-end steakhouse and bar, serves contemporary American cuisine.

Del Frisco’s Grille is exactly what the landlord hoped for, says Jon Cowen, senior director at Cushman & Wakefield of Arizona. Cowen was the property’s listing agent, representing the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of New York in the lease transaction.

“MetLife, the owner of the property, is very pleased to be leasing space to a high caliber brand like Del Frisco’s Grille,” Cowen says. “This mixed-use restaurant and retail project is the perfect home for a destination restaurant of this quality and reputation.”

Camelback Esplanade lost major tenants in Houston’s Restaurant and McCormick & Schmick’s, which closed abruptly in early January. In an effort to revamp the property’s appeal, Camelback Esplanade plans to amend its image, Cowen says.

“This lease is a critical first step in our plans to re-merchandise the retail space at Camelback Esplanade,” Cowen says.

Despite the center’s dwindling headcount, Del Frisco’s Grille is eager to make the move.

“This Camelback location is ideal,” says Bill Martens, director of development at Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group. “It has a good balance of strong office and residential density to support this dining experience, making us a convenient choice for our local guests.”

Del Frisco’s Grille plans to extensively renovate the 7,379 SF restaurant space, including the installation of a roof deck patio for extended dining capacity. Located at 24th Street and Camelback, the restaurant will be the third Del Frisco’s Grille location nationwide.

To find out more about Camelback Esplanade’s restaurants, camelbackesplanade3.com.