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Pumpkin Cocktail

Thirsty Thursday: Pumpkin Cocktail

Taste the flavors of fall! This #ThirstyThursday we’re craving the ever-popular flavor of pumpkin. This cocktail, courtesy of Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse, is sweeter than your aunt’s Thanksgiving pie. No need to thank us, but you’re welcome.


What you need:

1 ounce maple whisky

2 ounces vanilla vodka

1 tsp. pumpkin spice

½ ounce simple syrup

Splash hazelnut liqueur

graham cracker crumbs to rim glass


Cinnamon stick (optional garnish)


How to make a pumpkin cocktail:

Step 1: Rim cocktail glass with graham cracker crumbs.

Step 2: Add simple syrup, whiskey, vodka, pumpkin spice, liquer in shaker tin with ice.

Step 3: Shake vigorously and then double strain into cocktail glass.

Step 4: Add cinnamon stick for garnish



Make it yourself or enjoy while out at Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse. Regularly priced at $12.95 or $7.95 during happy hour. Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse is located at 4180 N. Drinkwater Blvd. in Scottsdale 


DIY Spa Treatments

Summer is officially in full swing and with it comes cute shorts, hot weather and hopefully some time spent at the nearest pool, beach or lake. However, all that summer fun can unfortunately give our skin and hair a beating.  Luckily, Josie Feria, Director of Spa Operations at Lapis Spa at the Fontainebleau in Miami has some DIY tricks to replicate spa treatments offered at Lapis that will whip our skin, hair and hands back into shape.

DIY Treatment For A Touchable Face:

· Prepare pot of boiling water with several bags of chamomile tea – allow tea to steep and release benefits into water
· Place face over steaming pot and cover head with towel to trap steam.  You are stimulating the benefits of a steam room.
· Place cucumbers or icy chamomile tea bags well squeezed – on eyes to reduce puffiness
· Dab off excess moisture and apply scrub cream to face in gentle circular and upward motions to face, neck and chest.  Place emphasis on beard and neck to help lift any ingrown facial hairs
· Rinse thoroughly with warm moist washcloth and apply witch hazel or rose or lavender water with spray or cotton pad
· Apply moisture lotion or cream in upward, relaxing massage strokes placing slight pressure on temples and under forehead bridge line to release tension and ease pain
· Instant result is clean, shiny skin with improved texture and appearance
Lapis comparable service: Facial

DIY Treatment For Healthy Hair:

· Take lemon juice and warm green tea and mix mixture; apply mixture to scalp with brush or applicator as you separate hair and pour remaining amount through hair
· Allow mixture to remain on scalp for a few minutes- the tea and lemon work as an astringent to cleanse scalp and hair follicles
· Rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply a combination of plain yogurt and avocado – mix two parts fresh avocado and two parts yogurt and massage into the hair in circular motions to relax the scalp and stimulate hair growth
· Gently massage temples and base of scalp line.  Place plastic shower cap on hair and wrap in warm towel for 10 minutes or until towel cools off
· Rinse thoroughly.  Instant result is hair that’s softer, shinier and improved circulation to scalp which is an aide to healthy hair growth
Lapis comparable service: Rescue My Hair

DIY Treatment For Soft Hands:

· Buff and moisturize rough skin using a scrub cream and oil or body lotion
· Mix 4 parts kosher or sea salt with 1 part warm grape seed oil, canola oil or olive oil and mix into a paste
· Massage into hands in upward strokes and in circular motion
· Remove with warm/wet towel and follow  with nail care by pushing back cuticle using an orange stick  and filing rough nail edges with Emory board.  Follow hand massage with body or hand lotion
· Wrap hands in warm cotton gloves or place in plastic bags and wrap with warm towels – instant result is skin that’s clean, soft and luxurious
Lapis comparable service: Spalicious Manicure

Memory Jar - DIY

DIY Of The Week: Memory Jar

A Memory Jar And A New Tradition

How many times have you thought, “Where has the time gone?” I love the beginning of new years — the time for fresh starts and new opportunities. This year feels especially promising. Maybe it’s because last year was so difficult for so many people. So let’s not lose track of time and instead make an effort to savor this year!

An easy and quick way to do this is to make a memory jar for the year. Grab some friends or family and decorate a simple mason jar, transforming it into something fabulous. Then, throughout the year write yourself little notes and reminders of all the events of this year — big and small. Even drop in movie ticket stubs, receipts or trinkets. On New Year’s Eve, gather everyone together again and share with each other your memories. I know I’m looking forward to this new tradition!

Here are some steps to create your own memory jar for 2012:

Tools and Materials:

Mason glass jar X-ACTO Knife
Magazines or fabric Scissors
Hot glue 
Modge Podge and
sponge brush

Scrapbooking decorations —
buttons, jewels, glitter, etc.


These are just the steps that I took to make my jar. Let your creativity take over! The key is to make a jar that YOU love.

Memory Jar - Step 11. Gather your magazines, newspaper or fabric, and pull together a color scheme. I prefer to tear scraps of paper rather than cut them out.
Memory Jar - Step 22. With the Modge Podge, paint a little bit directly on the glass. Then, quickly attach the first piece of paper.
3. You’ll want to paint more Modge Podge over the paper as well. Don’t worry if it looks messy, the Modge Podge will dry clear.
Memory Jar - Step 44. Repeat as many times as needed until your glass is covered. Sometimes, I found it easier to use my fingers to glue and move the paper to lay flat.
5. When you’re happy with the coverage, coat the entire jar with a layer of Modge Podge. No need to go too crazy, but anything that is not covered thoroughly will likely peel off later.
Memory Jar - Step 56. Once the glue is dry, embellish to your heart’s content! I added a ribbon and some scrapbooking decorations.
7. For the lid, hot glue the seal to the ring.
8. Lastly, clean up any excess glue or areas that you’d like to remain clear with the X-ACTO knife.

Memory JarAs you can see, just about anything could be done to decorate a memory jar. You could decoupage, sew a wrap or even stain the glass containers. Have fun with it.

Here’s to hoping that 2012 is a gloriously memorable year!

Have a few more jars hiding around? Here are some other DIY ideas using glass jars:

DIY Soap DispenserMason Jar Soap Dispenser

There will always be a need to wash your hands after tending the yard. This handy soap dispenser will fit right in on your potting bench.

DIY - Lace LuminaryLace Luminaries

A sweetly vintage DIY candle holder — perfect for a ladies’ brunch table decoration or your own sitting room.

Paint Chip Chandelier

DIY Of The Week: Paint Chip Chandelier

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive way to add color to a room, try this paint chip chandelier DIY. However, with this easy, at-home DIY project you must be crafty enough to get away with nabbing a few handfuls of paint chips from your local hardware store. If not, a few trips may be needed to avoid the Big-Brother-like stares from the employees in the paint department.

Without condoning the “borrowing” of paint chips, this simple, DIY paint chip chandelier can serve as a light above a table or desk, a simple form of decoration, or a mobile in a nursery.

But first, here are the easy steps for creating this paint chip chandelier (thanks to the blogger of heygorg.com):

Tools and Materials:

Paint chips (40-60 in eight different shades)
Mini lamp shade
Ribbon (in a similar shade as paint chips)
Paper punch


First, you will want to choose the shade of color you want to make your chandelier. To create the ombre look of fading from light to dark, you will need about eight different shades. After deciding which color to use, you will need to nab about 40-60 swatches of varying colors.

1. Using your paper punch (in this case a scalloped circle was used) punch out about 40-60 swatches in desired shape. It’s helpful to keep colors separated in piles once punched.

Paint Chip Chandelier Step 32. With lamp shade in hand, remove any fabric with just the wire frame remaining.

3. Lay punched out swatches, colored side down in desired order. For this example, an order of lightest to darkest was used to creating the ombre effect.

4. With the swatches lined up, tape down a long piece of thread on the back of each swatch to create a string of swatches. To keep the back of the paint chip from showing, be sure to tape down the swatches where one meets the next. Trim any access tape that may stick out. Repeat this step until all the strands are taped together.

Paint Chip Chandelier Step 55. Flip your lamp shade upside down. To make this next step easier, you can hang the inverted lamp shade so that it hangs freely. With that, start tying on the strung together swatches to both the “top” and “bottom” of your shade. Continue all the around until the entire chandelier is covered.

6. Add ribbon, to where the light bulb would be placed in the lamp shade, and tie in a bow. And voilà, you are ready to hang your chandelier.

Wanting more paint chip projects? Here are a few more DIY ideas using paint chips:

Decorative Paint Chip Garland

Perfect for any holiday and even non-holiday decorating, cut out your desired shape, string together, hang, and enjoy. An inexpensive and colorful DIY decoration.

Paint Chip Garland

Paint Chip Earrings

Paint chip earrings are a one-of-a-kind accessory; learn how to make these funky and bright earrings.

 Paint Chip Earrings