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Higher Energy Costs Are Forcing Valley Companies To Look For Alternatives

Energy Costs - AZ Business Magazine September 2008
by in AZ Business Magazine | Economy | Green | Tech

From the neighborhood car wash to a corporate behemoth such as US Airways, rising energy costs are forcing Valley businesses to search for alternatives to relieve the pressure on their bottom lines. On a warm weekend morning in the Phoenix area, a bored but concerned car wash attendant asks the only motorist who pulls up… Read More →

B2B Collection Agencies Help Companies Recoup On Unpaid Bills

B2B collection agencies help companies recoup on unpaid bills, 2008

Derailing Debtors B2B collection agencies help companies recoup on unpaid bills By Don Harris Far too many business owners and operators don’t realize that a sale is not a sale until they see the money. They put plenty of emphasis on the front end of their business — development, marketing and selling — but often… Read More →