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Safety During School

Your teens are back to school, which means the stress of keeping them out of trouble during summer is over, right? Wrong. There are even more reasons to be concerned about what your teens are up to. While most parents think “my kid would never do drugs, they know it is wrong,” the fact is… Read More →

The Dangers of Inhalants

Parents worry about their teenagers experimenting with drugs on the street or at school, but many  never stop to consider their teen may be getting high from products found in their own home. The facts: •    Younger teenagers are finding that household products can provide a cheap high. •    Inhalants are popular among the 8th… Read More →

Daddy Duties: A father’s role in drug prevention

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Let’s face it, the duties of a father are never-ending. Whether you’re a dad or the person that plays dad in your family, providing for and keeping your child healthy and happy are an integral part to fatherhood. At times, daddy duties can be overwhelming but rest assured: fatherhood is more than the sleepless nights… Read More →

DrugFreeAZ.org's Tips To Keeping Teens Safe Into The New Year

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Congratulations, parents! You have managed to make it through another year of parenting. But your job is not done yet. Teens will still need guidance as they face new challenges in the New Year. While parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, DrugFreeAZ.org has been providing tools all year long to help parents along the way.… Read More →

The Gift Of Giving Tuesday: Come Together For A Day Of Philanthropy

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On Thanksgiving we feasted! It was then followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where shoppers crowd stores and the Internet for the best deals on all their favorite items. This year sparks a new tradition, one that’s giving these post-Thanksgiving holidays a run for their money. For the first time, nonprofits are creating a… Read More →

The Medicine Abuse Project Aims To Prevent Prescription Meds Abuse

The Medicine Abuse Project
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Chelsea, Aaron, Ronnie, Kent, Joey, Courtney — this list of names unfortunately could go on and on. Each of these teens and young adults has been impacted by medicine abuse. Some have died, some have become addicted and some are in recovery. It’s a frightening fact that there are now more deaths from prescription drug… Read More →

Battling Peer Pressure as Teens Head Back to School

peer pressure
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Lunches are packed, school supplies are purchased, and alarms are set. Yep, it’s that time of the year again — back to school. It can be an exciting time for adolescents entering middle school and high school — new friends, new challenges and new experiences. But with that also come tests, both in and out… Read More →

How One Father Of Nine Feels About Father's Day

How father of nine feels about Father's Day

A father of nine, Tom Wells, event chair for DrugFreeAz.org, shares just how he feels about Father’s Day Mothers’ Day is a widely celebrated event every year. The radio, television, Internet and newspapers are chocked full of advertisements touting the wonderful things to buy mom for “her” day. Huge family gatherings with grandiose spreads of… Read More →

Keeping Kids Drug-Free: Use Digital Resources, Tools

Keep kids drug-free

Relate to your kids in their digital environment; plenty of online tools are available to keep kids safe and drug-free. Facebook. Twitter. Foursquare. iChat. Google. Whether it’s via computer or smartphone, most kids these days are using the technology at their fingertips 24/7. Not only to talk to their friends (i.e. key influencers), but to… Read More →

Tips For A Drug-Free, Safe Summer

Safe Summer
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Summer is the highlight of the year for most teens — no homework, sleeping in until noon, a fridge stocked with food and freedom. Many parents do not have the luxury to stay home and instead work full-time or go on vacation during the summer. With more free time, less structure and no supervision, it… Read More →

Prevention Before Celebration: Avoiding Underage Drinking

Prevention Before Celebration: Avoiding Underage Drinking
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It’s that time of year when the Arizona weather isn’t too cold or too hot, and we all remember why we live in this great state. While we may be celebrating this beautiful time of year, our teens will also be celebrating prom and graduation at parties throughout the Valley. It is a wonderful time… Read More →

Designer Drugs: From Faux To Fact

Designer Drugs: From Faux to Fact
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While most parents may be used to hearing their kids mention the latest in designer jeans, something else that’s becoming a trend among teens recently are designer drugs. In this case, however, it does not have to do with the brand. Think of designer drugs as being similar to a Chanel knock-off or faux leather… Read More →