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Entirely Pure

Entirely Pure Offers Energy Efficient Mortgage

Entirely Pure is a local, Tempe based company that is dedicated to helping homeowners make their homes sustainable and energy efficient through an array of products and services, while minimizing the work and the worry that comes with securing financing for home improvements and with selecting the right upgrade products for the home.

Entirely Pure will conduct a home energy audit and then offer its clients the specific energy efficient upgrades that are catered to their home. Some of these products are a solar hot water heater, radiant barrier, window tinting, attic insulation, bottle-less water coolers, etc. The majority of Entirely Pure products come with rebates up to 30%, which are available to homeowners until the end of the year.

“We have a ton of different products and services and most of the products we offer have a rebate on them, the federal state and utility rebate,” Mileka Bakhshai, director of marketing at Entirely Pure, says. “The rebates run out this year and we want homeowners to take advantage of them before they are not available anymore.”

These services aren’t just for older home owners. New houses are built quickly here in Arizona and with the haste of the build can come issues of secure sealing and energy efficiency.

“We try to educate our customers and we really want them to know that there are so many different items and not just one item will fix your house and make it energy efficient,” Celeste Padilla, director of operations at Entirely Pure, says. “We’ll go in and do a really thorough analysis and give them suggestions on simple things they can do themselves in addition to what we can provide for them.”

The rebates available for sustainable home upgrades are expiring at the end of the year, so Entirely Pure wants current and future customers to be able to take advantage of these deals before time runs out.

Aside from the sustainable products and services offered to home owners, a new program of Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) is being offered through Entirely Pure to assist homeowners in acquiring these sustainable upgrades. The Energy Efficient Mortgages will help homeowners realize their dreams of having a sustainable home and save money on their utility bills.

The Entirely Pure Energy Efficient Mortgage

“This is an amazing opportunity for homeowners and home buyers who are looking to either qualify for a higher loan amount, lower their interest rate, reduce their monthly utility bills, increase the value of their home, all the while reducing their carbon footprint,” Bakhshai says.

Padilla says the EEM program allows for flexibility for homeowners that cannot refinance or that don’t qualify for modification because they don’t want to damage their credit; while giving them the opportunity to take advantage of the historically low interest rate. The application processed is streamlined and with a credit requirement of 620 and no docs for the applicant.

“The Energy Efficient Mortgage is a newer program, this is something we started a few months back, we’ve been really implementing and creating a solid relationship with a few different lenders and making sure it’s a good fit for not only us, but the customers,” Padilla says. “We connect them with a mortgage lender and we are not exclusive, we work with several lenders … We will walk through the process with them, we provide the energy audit, and we provide energy efficient upgrades; we hold their hand through the entire process.”

Taking advantage of the rebates available and the EEM program will not only allow home owners to upgrade their homes to a sustainable status and benefit the environment, but will also allow them to save money on monthly utility bills. This program isn’t just for existing homeowners, but also new home buyers who are looking to stretch their debt to income qualifying ratio on the loan as well.

“This isn’t the only program that we offer, for any reason, if a homeowner wasn’t qualified for an energy efficient mortgage, financing, payments cash, there are many different options we can offer to someone who wants to do these upgrades and also want to take advantage of the lower interest rates,” Padilla says.

With these loans a homeowner can:
1. Make an older, less efficient home more comfortable and affordable.
2. Qualify for a higher loan amount.
3. Stretch debt-to-income qualifying ratios on loans.
4. Save money every month on utility bills.
5. Increase the potential resale value of their home.
6. Sell their home more quickly by making it more affordable to people and attracting attention in a competitive market.

Entirely Pure Specials for AZnow.biz Readers

Entirely Pure is offering an end of the year special on Solar Hot Water Heaters, $999 after rebates and a 10% discount to azbigmedia.com readers up to $500 on products and services if you mention this article.

Products & Services Offered:

  • Energy Audits
  • A/C Upgrades, Repairs, & Tuneups
  • Solar Hot Water Heaters
  • Radiant Barrier
  • Energy Efficient Window Tinting
  • Blown & Fiberglass Insulation
  • Attic/Duct Sealing & other forms of weatherization
  • Reverse Osmosis & Water Softeners
  • LED & CFL Lighting Upgrades
  • Same as Cash Program Available

Bringing Energy-Efficient Mortgages To Valley Homeowners

Mortgage and auditing firms are teaming up to help green homeowners cut costs

Buying a home can come with many unexpected and obstructive costs. REEIS is partnering with mortgage companies to help homebuyers curtail costs and go green.

By teaming up with W.J. Bradley and Wells Fargo, REEIS, an energy efficiency auditing firm, offers free energy audits to homebuyers who are interested in energy-efficient mortgages.

What does an EEM do for a homebuyer?

    An energy-efficient mortgage (EEM) allows homebuyers to:

  • Qualify for a higher loan by taking into account the savings of an energy-efficient home
  • Receive up to $8,000 to put toward energy-efficient improvements after the close of escrow
  • Combine the total amount of energy-efficient upgrades with the loan to create one payment

Previously, homebuyers would be forced to shell out around $500 for an energy efficiency audit before they would qualify for an energy-efficient mortgage (EEM). This up-front cost “stops the process right there,” says Todd Russo, president of REEIS.

Lenders found it difficult to ask their clients to spend more money without the guarantee of an EEM, Russo says. Now W.J. Bradley and Wells Fargo clients can receive an energy efficiency audit for free.

REEIS’ audit produces two options for the homebuyer to choose from. The two options feature improvements that can be done to the house, each at a different price point.

“Ninety-five percent of people move forward with one of the two packages,” Russo says.

Not only will an EEM create a greener home by making it energy efficient from the start, it will also help the already strapped-for-cash homebuyer save money.

“When factoring all the costs of home ownership, the customer will pay less every month from the day one, in most cases,” Russo says.

REEIS also facilitates tax credits and utility rebates for the average homebuyer that total between $1,250 and $3,000 within two to three months of close.

Although REEIS’ service is only a few months old, Russo says it is going well. In one week, REEIS completed four energy audits with Wells Fargo, which has initiated a nationwide push to offer more EEMs to clients.

In addition to providing this service, REEIS and Russo want to spread the word about EEMs. Russo says everyone who knows about EEMs wants to offer them, which is why REEIS and Russo are trying to “educate the industry – realtors, lenders and homebuyers – that the conventional way of doing things is not the only option,” Russo says.

REEIS’ commitment to EEMs is the main reason why W.J. Bradley teamed up with the company, says Mike Tompkins, team manager and mortgage banker with W.J. Bradley.

Tompkins and Russo met at a mixer and decided that their shared excitement about EEMs would create a solid partnership.

“It amazes me that [the EEM program is] so under-utilized,” Tompkins says. “We need a vehicle, it seems like, to help us get it out to the public.”

This urge for awareness is the foundation of REEIS and W.J. Bradley’s team.

“I see [REEIS’] commitment in wanting to get the word out,” which is why the companies will be partners for some time to come, Tompkins says.

Along with its partnership with REEIS, W.J. Bradley has created flyers, hosts seminars and speaks with real estate agents daily about EEMs.

The service REEIS, W.J. Bradley and Wells Fargo provide is a “turn-key solution” to the lack of information and knowledge about EEMs, Russo says.

AZ Green SceneHomebuyer should “ask questions. Look into it a little deeper,” Russo says. It would be a “shame” for homebuyers to not take advantage of an EEM because they didn’t know it existed, he adds.