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Popular daily fantasy league sites restricted in Arizona

After six years of playing fantasy football with out-of-state relatives, Amber Salisbury was excited when her brother in Texas invited her to play FanDuel, a daily fantasy sports website offering cash prizes. “I thought it was a fun way to make small bets and the possibility of getting a payout is better than not getting… Read More →

Could fantasy football land you in jail?

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With football season here, fantasy leagues are scoring big with sports fans. But, what may throw many Arizonans for a loss is many sports fans’ favorite pastime can also be a crime. The multi-billion dollar fantasy sports industry is illegal in Arizona, creating potential legal risks and gray areas for fantasy sport enthusiasts. Since fantasy… Read More →

March Madness: Rules To Follow In The Office

March Madness

March Making You Mad? March Madness: Rules To Follow In The Office The football season is over — and there are probably a few business owners happy about it. Why? Some studies suggest that fantasy football costs American businesses $615 million in productivity per NFL week. But, when one chapter ends, another begins — time… Read More →