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Daddy Duties: A father’s role in drug prevention

Let’s face it, the duties of a father are never-ending. Whether you’re a dad or the person that plays dad in your family, providing for and keeping your child healthy and happy are an integral part to fatherhood.

At times, daddy duties can be overwhelming but rest assured: fatherhood is more than the sleepless nights and being the occasional chauffeur to a pack of rowdy kids. Fatherhood is an opportunity to be a powerful influence in your child’s life.

As your child or children mature from childhood to their teenage years and later on into adulthood, they will need you to help, not just provide – but also to help teach them about life and guide them to make good decisions that lead to a healthy, happy life.

So, whether you are a new father or a parent to teens, you’re not alone in this journey. This Father’s Day, DrugFreeAz.org wants to remind fathers of their duty to their children and encourage them to make proactive parenting an integral part of each day.

So, where do you start?

If you look at parenting as a relationship, then the time and interaction spent directly affects the quality of that relationship.

Fathers should make spending time with their children a part of each and every day. Get to know who they are and allow them to get to know you. This means experiencing each other in as many situations as possible. Participate in the little things from bath time to homework and start forming a strong relationship at a young age. And because children begin to recognize their parents’ actions at this time, being a role model is important at well.

According to research from the Partnership at DrugFree.org, children are 50 percent less likely to become involved with drugs if their parents talk early and often about substance abuse.

Try initiating conversation during some father-bonding time; during a game in the backyard or while cooking dinner are perfect times to start conversation with your child. Take the time to talk often to your child about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Use current events and other day-to-day opportunities to start the conversation. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about choices you made in the past.

Other teachable moments include using the following to start conversation:

•    Drug related current events
•    Television, radio and magazines
•    The drive to and from school
•    The drive to and from sports

When children become teenagers they are faced with pressure from their peers and society. DrugFreeAz.org recommends creating a family contract to help set rules, define expectations and keep your teen safe.

Use a family contract to help keep lines of communication open and expectations defined. Set up a contract with rules and discuss the punishments for breaking those rules up front. Also, discuss ways to avoid and handle potential drug and alcohol related scenarios that may put them in a bad situation.

Remember, it’s not a matter of if – but when – your child will be asked to try drugs and alcohol. Prepare your child by talking to them about ways to say “no” before the drug or alcohol-related scenario happens.

No matter how busy your life can get, it’s important to remember parenting is a full-time job. Whether you’re the breadwinner or a stay-at-home dad, being a proactive father and teaching your children how to make healthy decisions should be an important part of your every day.

DrugFreeAz offers parent workshops, webinars and other resources to help provide parents with the tools they need to keep their teen safe and substance free.

For more parenting tips, visit DrugFreeAz.org.


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How father of nine feels about Father's Day

How One Father Of Nine Feels About Father's Day

A father of nine, Tom Wells, event chair for DrugFreeAz.org, shares just how he feels about Father’s Day

Mothers’ Day is a widely celebrated event every year. The radio, television, Internet and newspapers are chocked full of advertisements touting the wonderful things to buy mom for “her” day. Huge family gatherings with grandiose spreads of food, all in the spirit of thanking mom for all that she does to keep the family functioning flawlessly. And flowers! All this and more is deserved.

Fathers’ Day … not so much.

It’s interesting to me that the father figure is often viewed differently. I’m sure there are numerous sociological reasons why this is, and these likely lend credence to rendering the importance of the father in the home as “less important.” Not true.

As a father of nine, ranging from toddler to adult, our family has dealt with the challenges of life at every social level; preschool, grade school, middle school, high school, college and life as an adult — all at the same time. Yikes! Our three oldest birth children prepared us for the future to follow with our six adopted children. A very common thread in the lives of foster/adopted little ones was there was no father. Oh, he may have been unidentified and known but nearly always non-existent. This lack of a father in the lives of children can be a significant negative. So, now that I’m done ranting about being a man …

Of all the obvious questions I get from people about our family, the subject that comes up the most (understandably) is about social pressures, specifically related to drugs or alcohol use. Being involved with adoption and a great organization, DrugFreeAZ.org, for a long time, I apparently have the answers for that. Be clear; I don’t. However, I do know this: I have to be involved in my kids’ lives. It is the basis for everything I can and do bring to the table. If I’m not involved with the kids, nothing else is significant.

My involvement is why my influence, voice, feelings, guidance and opinions are heard and understood. My relationship with my children is no different than a relationship with anyone else. The more involved, the closer the friendship and the deeper the trust. There is a certain “given” about a relationship with one’s kids that I get — I’m the dad — but that “given” needs to be nurtured and strengthened just like any relationship. With my adopted kids, it’s really important that they know I care and that I’m there for them.

Ultimately, my wife and I can’t be with our children 24/7, nor should we be. My goal, our goal, is to provide knowledge and understanding to enable our kids to make a good choice when faced with doing so. Whether that choice involves sex, drugs, alcohol or just disrespect for others, if my kids don’t understand the consequences of a bad choice, it’s hard to imagine them making a good one.

It’s really scary — no, strike that — it’s intense in today’s world. Nothing like when I was a youngster. There are so many avenues and potential influences that it’s just not feasible to control them all. More importantly, educating myself on these potentials becomes critical. It’s not good enough to just be aware; I need to know why. I’m into social media because my kids are. I pick my battles wisely and focus on controlling what I can, trying not to be oppressive. But, sometimes I just have to be.

In the end, I’m comfortable that we are providing a road that is potentially a successful one. I’m really not a father, just a parent with a great parent partner. I understand that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are simply justified by their economic impact. I don’t need a day to be recognized for my efforts; my kids leading healthy and productive lives is all the recognition I need.

Top Google Logos 2004

Top Google Logos 2004

Google’s 2004 Year In Review

Google has had an excellent year. At the beginning of the year, Bill Gates famously said, “They kicked our butts” about Google’s domination of and enormous profits on search, but promised a MSN Search engine within a year. Google began the process of going public. Yahoo freaked out and announced its new search engine and plan to dump Google as its results provider the next day. Google released Orkut, which everyone was convinced was the next big thing is social interaction.people to the world’s information and enhance the overall user experience of the web.”

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