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Fit Over 40: Daily Activities To Maintain An Active Lifestyle

Fit Over 40: Daily Activities to Maintain an Active Lifestyle - Scottsdale Living Summer 2012

Stretching I’m not talking about a stretching class. I’m talking the type of simple passive movement of sitting on the floor at home, lean forward, side to side, twist and rotate, and move your body any and all ways you can think of. If you don’t allow your joints to move through full range of… Read More →

Fit Over 40: Lifestyle Adjustments For A Healthier You

Fit Over 40, Scottsdale Living Magazine Summer 2012

Fit Over 40: Lifestyle adjustments can give you the beach body of a 20-something. Being buff is tough, especially after you turn 40. But a few adjustments to your exercise and nutrition habits will help you rock it like Rihanna at the beach this summer. “Many people at 40 disqualify themselves from so much because… Read More →